1. R

    How are you all handling your accounting?

    are you all tracking expenses through quickbooks or xero or some other software? how do you get your taxes done? I've started doing accounting freelance work (and also do taxes) and wondering how I would be best able to service uber/lyft drivers, if they need help at all.
  2. Christopher Jones

    Ontario Accounting/Bookkeeping

    Can anybody suggest a good accountant and/or bookkeeper for Ontario (preferably GTA)?
  3. John Baker


    Hiya, I recently joined Uber. I have a couple of questions around taxes and self-assessment. I know I don't actually need to submit my accounts until January, but I figure I'd try and make sure I was keeping on top of the stuff I need to track. Here are the questions: 1. Is it worth getting...
  4. S

    expense tracker

    hello fellas.. i am new here and just wondering about the new HST filing for the canadian uber drivers particularly in ontario, we are collecting the HST( harmonized sales tax 13%) from the riders and we have to send it to CRA (canada revenue agency). this threat is about a tool i found on the...
  5. Nell

    Accounting software

    Do anyone recommend any accounting software to keep track of Expense+Earnings? I just started using Hurdlr. The app is great very detail but i'm having trouble getting clarity understanding data when I push reports to my email. I know that the app is free but is it worth it if I can't...
  6. Bafoussam

    Good Accounting to help me structure my uber and others

    Hi guys, Please im currently looking for a good accounting here in Downtown Toronto to help structure and optimize my Uber Earnings. Please kindly refer me someone if you know of. Regards
  7. U

    How do YOU account for proper payment?

    I am not yet a rideshare driver (still weighing it). But I have seen screenshots of some of the weekly/daily summaries they send Drivers, and I was wondering how you personally check to make sure you are receiving what you should. I've seen plenty of complaints about being initially underpaid...
  8. MikesUber

    Quarterly Taxes are 46% of Net Earnings? Really?

    So for quarterly tax prep my CPA is telling me the following: 46% of net earnings 25% Fed 15.3 % FICA 3.07% State 3% City Pittsburgh, PA Having zero experience with taxes, is this remotely correct? I've read about 25-30% is what should be set aside for taxes. But nearly half? That seems way...
  9. FAC

    ALWAYS Document Every Trip w Screenshot

    Always always always take a screenshot of your completed trip right after you rate your passenger! Make this into a habit so it's second nature. Personally I've encountered uber making fare adjustments without informing me. I've learned I'm not alone and this is a common practice. Even more...
  10. FAC

    Question- Has Uber cheated you out of a fare either by zero out or adjusting a fare?

    This post is seeking information, asking for advice, and just plain b1tch1ng. Didn't know what forum to put it in so chose advice. Issue: It appears Uber is skimming tens of millions of dollars from their drivers. Please read on and reply if you agree, disagree, have other sources of data, or...
  11. Modern-Day-Slavery

    What accounting method do you use?

    I'm curious what people are doing about accounting? -What are the best practices? - How do you track your profit and loss? - Do you use Xero,Myob or Excel Spreadsheets etc..? - do you have an accountant or do it yourself? - I personally don't like Airtax or HRblock services because they don't...
  12. Cam11b

    New Uber ad on Twitter -"As winter sets in, so do the savings. Enjoy *DISCOUNTED SEASONAL FARES*..."

    "Thanks drivers! Way to take one for the team! 10%-off coupons on hemorrhoid-cream....for everyone!!! -Love, Uber"
  13. makinthemagic

    Hello from Fremont, CA

    I'd like to say hello to everyone here. I just passed my background and am looking at ways to acquire a car to drive. I'm a CPA during at my day job. So if you have any tax related questions I'd be happy to answer.