1. G

    Paused (GrubHub Driver) Account

    GrubHub PAUSED my driver account, and I have no clue why. Any fellow GrubHub Drivers know HOW and WHO to contact for a problem like this? I'm having trouble contacting a real person in GrubHub for help with this problem.
  2. Jprime

    interim drivers license

    My driver license expires soon. So I went to the dmv because I wanted the real ID, I got the interim drivers license today and I uploaded a picture of it to uber. They didn't accept it, they want further documentation but didn't specify. So I'm sending a picture with my old license and the...
  3. LondonDrivr

    Account needs Attention - Uber deactivate - blocked for days or weeks - happening a lot

    HI Guys, Just to let you know. Ive been with Uber for over 2 years. Profile rating is 4.97, (7000+ rides). Always drives safely and behaves positive and professional. I was Temporarily suspended 7 weeks ago. No reason, No one was able to tell me what happened. Just suspended while im being...
  4. Daniello

    Help me delete My uberpeople account

    Help me delete My account
  5. J

    Trouble going online for the first time 'Mackay Driver'

    hi everyone!. since i have signed up to driver, the app has never allowed me to go online. it comes up with a message 'your account needs attention'. Now, my issues is with the support team. I have allow my documents perfect and the support has clarified on 4 different phone calls that its all...
  6. R

    Been trying to sign up as a driver for weeks.

    This has been the most unprofessional experience I've been through in regards to potential employment. I've gone beyond frustration at this point. I've been trying to sign up to be a driver for UberEats for about a month now. I currently work part time, and could use the extra cash. Plus it...
  7. B

    Doordash carelesness with my account caused me to lose almost $500 in earnings!!!

    I have been a decently performing Dasher for the last several months. But for the past several weeks you have not rewarded my hard work with honest and competent support. On 8/14/18 my account was hacked and my earnings of $147 were stolen. My fault: I was fooled by a caller impersonating...
  8. T

    My account stay stucked at “on boarding” status

    Hello guys! I make my UBER driver account, I sent all my documents (registration, driver license and insurance) and everything has been approved, but my account stay on holding, I don’t know why. So, have everything else I can do to pass to the next step? Any tips? I am waiting have a lot of...
  9. HipGnosis

    Anyone doing/done Shipt?

    Sub-subject; or is everyone stepping over the Shipt? I did PostMates for a while last year. It was my first app job. It went to hell when UberEats came into my area - I only made $7 the last 8 hours I did it. Shipt has come into my area and I'm going to give them a try. The only thread I can...
  10. S

    Uber says I already have a duplicate account / identity stolen?

    Has anyone heard of anything like this happening before? I went to apply for Uber for the very First time yesterday. My application got rejected immediately and after going through customer service chat, they said I already have an account under another e-mail address. An e-mail I've never...
  11. L

    Uber froze account due background checks

    Uber put 9000 driver accounts on hold due Checkr background checks right before Christmas. Families were not able to make money and afford gifts for their loved ones! My account has been on hold for 16 days, I called customer service at least 5-10 times and problem was not solved! Anyone else...
  12. D

    My account needs attention

    I 've recently started to work with UBER and now I am trying to go online but once I ve click the driver app a message appears and says my account needs attention , contact support.. I have disappointed with this decision at least they had to send me a message to let me know what happend and...
  13. Higster4ever

    does Uber deactivate your driver acct after a certain time of inactivity?

    haven't driven since October 2015. tried to login today and could only login to my "rider" account. does Uber deactivate your acct after a period of time not driving? has this happened to anyone?
  14. LordZenith

    Does Uber Delivery share the same account with Uber Ride Sharing?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here in Uber. I have a question as shown in the title. My friend was supposed to send me Uber Ride Sharing invitation. But he sent me Uber Delivery invitation by accident. I thought they share the same account. So I registered Uber Delivery first. Today my friend sent the...
  15. T

    Phishing in Greenville SC Area

    I just accepted a ride and seconds later a gentleman claiming to be from Uber security called me via the app. He claimed that the right I had accepted have been red flagged in the system for a stolen credit card and told me I should cancel it at no charge to the rider. In addition he told me for...
  16. Canteev

    How is it out there tonight

    I am certain that my account has been hacked, as my email address isn't even recognized anymore. I keep getting stupid texts and emails in Chinese, so I know something is up. I put a block on my debit card, so I hope that stops anyone from using my account(is that good enough?). As of right...
  17. patels

    Your account needs attention

    For my last trip, the rider complaint about something which I don't have a clue and the account was on hold. Got an email from Uber customer support they are further gathering information and one of the local rep will contact me. What are your suggestions? Thanks for the help and time.
  18. R

    What happens to TNC stickers when you remove your vehicle from your account?

    Hi all, I am planning to sell my car but I'm sure it will take some time. And I'm in no rush. I won't be Ubering for a while. So I wonder what happens to the registration and TNC stickers if I remove the car from my account right now. In other words, the plate has TNC stickers now. But I...
  19. SuzeCB

    Account Security Issue
  20. Sfla415guy

    Uber Has Reset My Password Almost Everyday for Last 2 Weeks... anyone else?

    For almost 2 weeks now I get an automated email ,usually early evening, stating that Uber has reset my password due to new security features and for my own protection... provides a link to create a new password. Started every few days, then this last week every single day, and today 2 times...