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  1. SelectUberToronto

    Toronto Uber driver hit

    Uber vehicle hit bay and Wellington. Police chasing an Acura that struck an Uber Malibu. 8 ppl sent to hospital. Police attempted to stop the Acura at York and Bremner, chase ended at bay and Wellington.
  2. L

    After getting into an accident....it's over

    So on 2/29 at approximately 12:10am someone rear-ended me while I was transporting 3 Lyft passengers. Thankfully no one was hurt and the other driver's insurance is taking care of my damages. I should put my car in the shop within a few days then I'm off to SXSW to network and have a good time...
  3. Starman@uber

    Pretrip Safety and Driver Safety Tips

    As a Precision Driver, trained for Film and TV Productions and as I drive part time for UBER I'd like to share some basics for new or old Uber/Lyft Drivers if they don't already do this. If it can help you in anyway, great! If not carry on as you do :) Pretrip Inspection: What's a Pretrip...
  4. BurgerTiime

    Uber Driver Suspected of DUI After Slamming Into Party Bus in San Diego

    http://ktla.com/2016/03/03/uber-driver-suspected-of-dui-after-slamming-into-party-bus-in-san-diego/ VIDEO: http://www.10news.com/news/drunk-uber-driver-slams-into-empty-tour-bus-in-gaslamp Update: Police said driver is celebrity chef 41-year-old Shariff Herndon
  5. Andrew Kopiychuk

    Got bumped from the behind while entering Lincoln Tunnel.No fault.

    All right. This happened to me this Thursday. I had two passengers and was on the trip and online. I was entering Lincoln Tunnel from the NJ side, just passed those toll booths, was standing still in the middle of the plaza, about 200 feet away from the tunnel tube entrance. Suddenly the car...
  6. UberNOT4me

    Lyft Customer caused an accident! Need advice.

    Hey Guy! So this morning I started driving and picked up my first ride with Lyft. Who was only going 2 miles away from the pick up location. When we arrived at the destination, she was sitting on the left side of the backseat. She decided to get out from the left side of my car. I saw a jeep...
  7. UberTaxPro

    Police: Connecticut woman hit by Uber driver dies

    WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (AP) — Police say a Connecticut woman who was struck by a driver for ride-hailing service Uber has died. Responding officers found 68-year-old Chantel Lynch of Windsor Locks unresponsive near Route 75 on Sunday night. She was taken to St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center...
  8. U

    Please help accident

    Hello guys I have got small accident while not driving for uber . My insurance will send me a estimater to see how much ,they are ginna pay me . Should I remove my tnc sticker ? If I move my tnc sticker , can I go permit center and take another one real quick ? ( after I fix my car ) Please...
  9. UberCemetery

    Top Techniques You Can Use to Help Avoid a Crash

    Scanning the Road To be a defensive driver, you have to see what's going on. The best way to spot potential trouble is by scanning. Avoid a fixed, straight-ahead stare that may let you drift off into daydreams while on the road. We are all subject to many distractions while driving, both inside...
  10. Justuber


    Accident has Paradise and Flamingo closed. Be careful out there!
  11. thethrills

    Uber Safe Rider Fee Covers.....?

    I was curious to see what that Uber Safe Rider Fee covers. I looked at the waybill and certificate of insurance and it mentions "passengers" are covered. I remember reading that Uber will cover any person struck by an Uber driver during a trip (and on way to a pick-up). I didn't see anything...
  12. Charlie

    What to do ?? First time accident

    Hello Everyone, As the title says, first time in a car accident not my fault other driver hit me . What should i do ? How to fix my car damage n avoid any hassle & yes i did reported to police as i didnt wanted to run after the other driver later on. And no uber or lyft etc were on, in...
  13. ivanB

    Do you guys actually use a car you have registered with Uber?

    Was wondering how many of you are actually using cars you registered with Uber? I have registered a late model Audi but it would be an insanity to use that, so instead I use my wifes 2001 Corolla since its cheap on gas and I figured people who use Uber X are cheap people that don't deserve...
  14. Ewis

    Packaging job vs driving for Uber

    After one year of driving for Uber and investing 10K in a car I realized that working as a packer is nothing different from driving for Uber. However, with the packaging job you don't have to invest 10k in a car and see it depreciates like crazy with Uber. You don't have to invest 10k to get a...
  15. Fuzzyelvis

    Avoiding accidents

    This is one of the best compendiums of car accidents I've seen. Mainly because although many look to me to be unavoidable at least from the dash cam operator's point of view I did come away with some points reinforced: Don't try to pass unsafely because you're in a hurry. Definitely don't...
  16. chi1cabby

    Philadelphia taxi cab crash kills 2, report says

  17. B

    First Accident - Advice?

    Los Angeles driver, 2012 Mazda 3, been driving for six months. Was on the highway, traffic started to slow down, almost came to a full stop. I got rear-ended from behind, and that car was hit by someone behind them. The force propelled me forward and I made slight contact with a truck in front...