1. Halfmybrain

    BREAKING. Uber vs. Bicyclist

    My Lyft driver buddy apparently saw this or got to it shortly after.
  2. Ozymandias16

    Rear ended on the highway

    Today I was rear ended on the highway where the 427 meets eastbound Gardiner. The damage doesn't seem to be too bad however somehow I forgot to get the guys insurance. How would filing a claim work if I was driving a fare and is it even possible to make a claim with a license plate? The email...
  3. Risab1981

    Beacon Spy

    Did you guys know/see this? The beacon has all kinds of sensors inside that initiate a ride check if you get into an accident and reaches out to both parties. No way to cover up a fender bender. Uber will know the second you get into an accident (and probably de-activate you while they...
  4. Lord Summerisle

    Totalled for Christmas!

    I used to think it took two bad drivers to make an accident but now I'm not so sure. I was travelling southbound on Vineland just past the Victory intersection when one of Armenia's finest came rocketing out of a driveway to my right and slammed into my passenger-side wheel and door. The fact...
  5. Mklin

    Report accident to Lyft if happened on uber platform

    Hi all I was rearended on Monday while enroute to pickup uber pax. If I get a rental and have it approved do I have to tell Lyft about it? The other driver was at fault but uber has deactivated me until investigation is complete. Naturally I need to be working right now. Thought I’d rent a car...
  6. A

    Lyft rental damage

    A buddy of mine (not me!!) recently ran over a large curb, (no pax involved) did a significant amount of damage (scratches) and is scared that if he makes a claim or goes to renew, that he won't be able to get another vehicle. Thoughts?
  7. KoleUber2018

    Black Ice Accident

    I need advice (of course) I just had a bad accident while Uber driving. I was taking two people to the airport until I hit some black ice. Lost control of the car and hit the rail of the bridge... But then we get hit again by a different car... And then again by a different car. And then one...
  8. MKUber

    Uber Accident During Ride - Other Driver DUI

    After about 1600+ trips between Uber and Lyft, luck finally ran out. 2:30AM - Another driver on the road decided to try to turn left in front of me from the right lane while I was en route to a drop off with multiple passengers in the car. I was traveling in the left lane. Couldn't avoid...
  9. M

    Accident Backed into a pole Express Drive Lyft Hertz Rental

    I was going to pick up a passenger last night but before I got to them I was backing up and scraped the back, lower right portion of the bumper. The damage was minor, probably expensive though, car was very drivable and I just finished driving for the night. Problem is that the vehicle is an...
  10. Benjamin M

    Rear ended with a passenger

    Haven't posted here in ages. I'm preparing to move to the city of Richmond, was driving there yesterday evening when I was rear ended at an intersection with a passenger. My car is likely totalled but fortunately there were no serious injuries. My passenger had some minor neck pain and was...
  11. Football Hooligan

    Waymo Collision Illustrates Why Society Might Eventually Ban Human Driving

    Forbes, Nov 7, 2018 By David Silver On October 19, a Waymo Pacifica struck and injured a motorcyclist in California. As is often the case, the collision was caused by a human - in this instance, the safety driver in the Waymo vehicle. In an unusual twist, however, Waymo CEO John Krafcik...
  12. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver on LivePd crashes at high speed in 35mph zone

    Driver allegedly makes some disturbing remarks to passengers before putting the pedal to the metal November 2nd 2018
  13. BurgerTiime

    Guy drunk on scooter crashes into another scooter rider breaking his arm

    A 48-year-old man who was drinking was hurt Sunday when he crashed his Bird scooter into another Bird scooter ahead of him, a San Diego police officer said. The crash happened about 6:05 p.m. 700 G St. in the Core-Columbia neighborhood, SDPD Officer Robert Heims said. The victim was not cited...
  14. Jadwiga Basecki

    Rider reports ACCIDENT where there was none!

    A foreign student waiting in the middle of a busy street to be picked up is nothing new. I probably saved many lives by stopping in the near-by driveway. This particular student was very nice, did not mind the short walk toward the car. Got in with smiles. English however was not his first...
  15. Vishnu643


    Well my first accident ever in my own TLC vehicle. And I didn't even get the inspection yet. Minor rear end but they may have to replace the bumper because of a crack on the bumper. I called the cops and got myself a report. The offender admitted to the incident funny enough but he got his...
  16. Gennady

    Warning an aggressive driver from Norwalk report

    Hello Uber folks, Here I'd like to share with the data for driver who recently has hit me from behind on the crossroad as after his own allegations 'by mistake'.
  17. Svitlana

    Accident on TNP lot. Witnesses needed. Please, help!

    Dear people, I need your help!!! I have been driving for Uber for 3 and a half years and never had any accident. But it happened on Tuesday, July 24th on TNP O'Hare lot around 9:20 pm. I know it was a long time ago, but this is how long Uber takes to investigate the case and to denied, so I need...
  18. mibocorp

    Accident. Rear ended with passenger. Please advise!

    Hi guys, I need your advice, please. I'm an Uber driver, and today I was driving with a passenger on the freeway, another guy hit my car in the back (rear ended). We pulled over, I called police, they told me if nobody is injured just exchange DL, insurance and registration. That's it. I've...
  19. SEAL Team 5

    Black Honda SUV Driver Want to Fess Up?

    Who was the driver of a black Honda SUV that hit something close to the intersection of Cave Creek and the 101 around 6:30 Sunday evening? I was getting gas and saw the driver try to drive the vehicle with the front passenger wheel so badly tweaked that it was squealing as it was dragging...
  20. N

    The Smallest Accident Evr

    Hey. SO i just got in the smallest accident ever while driving for lyft. I'm in Express Drive, this is a rental through lyft and CarMax. I was dropping a passenger off, didn't click the button yet, and she scraped me. I was parallel parking, had my blinker on, was pulling in and she pulled...