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  1. Newbs1

    Guess the incident.

    So, I got a message from Uber early on Monday morning saying that my account had been deactivated while they investigate a rider complaint. In the meantime I was to re-read their anti-discriminatory rulings and confirm to them that I had read it. I duly did this and somewhat confused enquired as...
  2. Carini

    Watch your phone settings!!

    I went to put on the app thinking I could get a few early morning rides in and when I did I was told to update, which I did. When it completed as I clicked back on it and was asked if I gave Uber permission to use my phones mic!! What The FUNK!??? I said no and after checking the Uber settings...
  3. Trying in Norfolk


    anyone know why I am getting form emails to fill out? Wouldn't they already have this information?