1. Tommie Berry

    How to stop during last drive of day, to avoid multiple declines and bad acceptance rate

    You are done driving for the day. But during your last ride, you get 6 ride requests that you have to decline, because the STOP button is not accessible during that last ride. How can I avoid those declines that kill my acceptance rate? I just downloaded the latest app and acceptance rate is...
  2. Mista T

    Uber copies Lyft with premature acceptance issue

    Looks like Uber's new app has copied one of Lyft's most annoying features: early acceptance of incoming pings. When a new ping comes in, and you are touching your screen, it accepts the ping. Uber used to give you a second to see the ping. Just a heads up.
  3. Chapar Kanati

    Can't rate Lyft passengers anymore plus far away pings.

    Hi there. I have noticed that recently Lyft does not display the option for me to rate pax. What's up with that? Also why the hell in a metropolitan area like NYC I get a ping from midtown west while I am on Clinton St in Brooklyn heights. On Lyft during busy times and especially on the...
  4. Androidcoder

    Are Quests dependent on Acceptance rate?

    A couple months ago I got a 'Quest' for the weekend, where I would get an extra $10 every 5 deliveries up to $30. I was hoping that would be an every weekend thing, but I never got offered it again. At the time my Acceptance rate was higher than it is now, since now I regularly have to turn down...
  5. Skozoze

    Making Acceptance Rate Matter

    Interesting feature they are testing . . . .
  6. B


    Just found out that IOS 11 has a option to record your screen activity directly from your iphone without having to tether your computer. USE THIS FEATURE!!!! Record you're entire shift, that wAY when you are asked for stupid shit you don't have like pax names and when you get into arguments...
  7. Mark Collins

    Acceptance Rate Low

    OK, my acceptance rate is lower than I would like... I have figured out that what is happening is I am getting additional ride pings while I am currently on a trip. Am I supposed to accept the new trip before I have dropped of my current trip? Oh yes, this past weekend was my first weekend...
  8. PTUber

    Cancellation & Acceptance Rates

    I noticed this weekend that my rates reset to 0% cancellation and 100% acceptance. Both now say the rates are based on last 7 days driving. It didn't last long as I'm now at 8% and 60% respectively. Did that happen to anybody else?
  9. Libraguy1919

    AR & CR FAQ

    Moved thread.
  10. C

    uber app randomly declining and cancelling pick ups by itself

    Hi UPFMs, I don't know if anyone else gets this issue with their uber driver app on android but every now and then, I'll get a request for a pick up and even though I tap my screen to accept immediately, it acts as if I didn't accept. When I check my ratings, my acceptance shows 90% after that...
  11. Grand

    New ping screen

    This is a ping screen that is apparently being used in Miami USA. There is a small white line across the bottom of the box that is the timer. It slowly swipes off from right to left. You touch the grey box to accept the ride. Does not...
  12. Stimpy

    Is going offline while passenger in car bad?

    Hello, I'm a pretty new uber driver so I'm still trying to figure it out. If I have a passenger in my car and I don't want anymore request to come in because I'm hungry or need a break or just done for the night, will going offline mid way through the ride shut off the gps in the über app and...
  13. itsbenbroughton

    2 SJC questions

    Hi all, first, why don't the airports recieve surge pricing? On Sunday when the Sharks played, all of SJ was deep red, except the airport, and the only fares I was being offered were from the airport, so I didnt want to take any of those fares... Which leads me to part 2: SJC requires a...
  14. T

    Acceptance Rate

    I have been driving Uber part time for about 2 months now. Just came across this website few days ago and totally changed my perspective after reading and following the different threads. I thought I was making descent money and now realized I need to re-strategize. Thanks to all the valuable...
  15. N

    Accepting rides while still on trip

    There have been multiple times where I am planning on taking a break, getting food, going to the bathroom etc after I drop off PAX, then I get a request a minute before I drop off my current PAX. Sometimes I accept it, especially if it is a good surge, but other times I let it expire, finish...
  16. GregL385

    Does anyone ever accept pings in ghetto areas?

    I am new so I have just been wondering if anyone has had any trouble driving around the rather crappy parts of town. I tend to air on the side of caution and if I get a ping for certain parts of Baltimore I will not accept them. My car is a 2015 model so the last thing I want is for it to get...
  17. U

    Acceptance rate and hourly guarantee

    I drove 37.73 hours last week with 92 trips and a rating of 4.93. I did not get the hourly guarantee because Uber says my acceptance rate was only 83%. I know I only ignored no more than 10 rides. Uber support says that I'm wrong but wont tell me the number or when I didn't accept the rides. I...
  18. Showa50

    It's very simple...

    ... Surge only rides. The 1 year anniversary of the ACRO technique is approaching, and guess what mother U has cut rates again. So what! Go through my ACRO videos and instead of using ACRO just don't accept rides and remain offline until price gets to where you want it. This is the only way to...
  19. UberXking

    Forced to accept Pool in San Francisco

    Fewest cars in the lot in 6 months. Bombarded by pool requests that I ignore. Then put on 15 min probation. Guess Uber thinks I'm an employee. I like busting my but for family, a good friend or a good employer. Uber doesn't qualify. They have a world changing product, great employees to provide...
  20. J

    Uber vs Lyft acceptance rate ??

    So I'm aware of the discussion and assorted opinions of ACRO while driving for Uber. But i have just heard that Lyft has no equivalent ??? So when driving non uber, is this a big concern ? ( I am also posting this in the Lyft section.) Thanks, Joe