1. Jack Malarkey

    ACCC: unfair contracts

    ACCC factsheet: Unfair contract terms New protection for small business As a business, you may be required to enter into standard form contracts with other businesses for goods (e.g. equipment, stock) and services (e.g. internet, banking, utilities). Section 23 of the Australian Consumer Law...
  2. Jack Malarkey

    'ACCC cracks down on Uber's unfair small business contracts' Extract: Unfair contract terms between businesses are in the regulator's sights according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's small business report...
  3. Modern-Day-Slavery

    Caught in the act: False Claims

    This thread contains irrefutable evidence that Uber is lying to recruit drivers. This information can be used against Uber Technologies in a future law suit: Today is Thursday 9th June. Uber currently have a paid advertisement on in the Brisbane Region inside the 'transport...