1. J

    Uber Drivers that drive at night are accused of impaired driving

    Hi Guys I want to share something just happened, I was driving for Uber in the US and they put me offline, then tried to go back on but i couldn’t. Then I saw Uber support message telling me a pax felt uncomfortable with her trip because of my driving style, maneuvers, lack of focus, Needed to...
  2. Cowboyup

    Ratings: Rider feedback (WTF)

    So last night only seven trips, my last ride picked up two nice ladies at restaurant and drop one female off then took the account holder to her final destination. No issues, pleasant. Other than the ladies were discussing amongst themselves how to split fare. Account holder said she's got it...
  3. A.J.

    One shot is all you get

    Was broadside by a lady, she was 100% at fault and car is totaled. Her insurance is paying out $2,000 OVER what XChange Leasing paid for the car back to them. I Uber'ed 70 hrs a week and XChange just informed me that I cannot lease another car from them. I've been out of work 3 weeks and now...