1. T

    So what's their deal? When enough is enough...

    Been driving U/L since they first started. In the beginning there were promises of $30+ an hour during busy hours, up to $300 for every driver you refer, constant rewards for being a good driver and helping them grow etc... 6 years later I can tell you this, Lyft is by far the least worst, not...
  2. Clarity

    When pax with disabilities are abusive.

    I had something pretty shitty happen while ridesharing the other night and would like some feedback on the situation. I picked up two young male passengers, and one appeared to be "special needs" seeming both physically and mentally disabled. As he was walking to my car he was walking really...
  3. spaghettibolognese1

    Bad experience's for female Uber drivers in Perth

    I'm looking to get in contact with some female Uber drivers who have had bad experience's with passengers in terms of harassment. I'm also curious about the all female ridesharing company Shebah and if female Uber drivers on here also work for them and can compare experiences. Please feel free...
  4. Uber_Yota_916

    Lyft giving drivers the finger

    A big orange spot with an arrow indicating it’s busy. While still charging passengers a multiplier and giving drivers base pay.
  5. DollarFree

    1 Arkansas St.

    Careful at this address, there’s a City social worker who calls X from an art studio in there, when it should be Assist. Some snot comes out and expects you to wheel morbidly obese, mentally handicapped pax to your car, load them in, fold the wheel chair, stash it and look after their patient...
  6. UberPotomac

    Is anyone picking up this paxs?

    Before the end of a trip , get a pool request on Sunday evening.3short from Quest , I took the request. As soon as I finish the X trip I notice the next trip was a EXPRÉSS POOL. Ok , then. I arrived and watch a couple carrying 2 large suitcases plus 2 carryons., just across the street. They...
  7. Frank Underwood

    Lunatic Liberal CEO of Uber

    If there was any reason for any drivers to hate Uber... The company is run by a lunatic SJW Liberal. If he is a Liberal, why doesn't he increase rates, cut down on drivers in NYC? He seems to be quite busy on Twitter virtue signaling against those Republican/Conservative meanies... Yikes. He...
  8. T

    Is uber hinting or threatening to deactivate you over silly complaints?

    Rider flagged me for professionalism with a the subcategory of “comfort” He asked to crank up the heat and I did but for whatever reason he felt like flagging that because in his little world that was probably a very big thing. Maybe he wanted ride credits after all i dropped him off at a...
  9. Frank Underwood

    LYFT is a terrible company!

    Lyft is an absolutely immoral and unethical company. They hide behind the smoke screen of 'diversity' and 'inclusion' but they do not believe in those things. As a NYC driver, I cannot count how many times I've reached out to this incompetent company and have not heard anything back. They do not...
  10. Frank Underwood

    Paid Uber trolls on this forum now

    This is a serious post. Look, I'm all for us coming on here chatting and exchanging ideas/venting and just chatting. We do not need to all agree on everything. I have noticed that there has been a recent surge in 'new accounts' on this forum all with a pro-Uber bias. I'm a Trump troll on twitter...
  11. Frank Underwood

    Why Uber/Lyft annoys me! [RANT]

    I'm going to list my reasons as to why I hate Uber (and to a certain extent Lyft) Reasons why I hate Uber (1 and 4 don't necessarily apply to Lyft but the rest mostly do) 1) Travis Kalanick: This evil man deserves every bad thing that karma and the universe serves him no matter how unfortunate...
  12. sisia

    Uber deliberately avoiding paying correct boost -- unless you contact support

    Where I am located, the only current times that are worth delivering food for Uber are between 11:30am-1:30pm and 5pm-9pm. I have alarms set on my iOS device, which Apple sets the time for all devices. I have the latest iOS. I always use the current version of the iOS app. My alarm is set for...
  13. Uberboyz

    Dump Pax Trolling

    Was standing in Bay Ridge on tuesday at 3AM waiting for parking or ping, whichever comes first:cool: Got a ping from Lyft. That was a guy called Ray 5 mins away. Moved on. Got cancel from him. Then again. Cancel. I started thinking about those cheaps who play roulette to get a better car (i...
  14. GeekDadsUber

    Belligerent rider

    What happens to riders after I report them? I had a rider halfway through a trip ask me why I was taking him on a "joyride" way around the city to pad the fare when I was only following the prescribed route. He called me a liar, a dick and an @@@@@@@. He asked me to tell him where he lived...
  15. H

    Uber taking Driver's too poverty!

    It's so lame now. They are treating us like were non existent.
  16. SafeT

    VIDEO: University Of Michigan “Disappointed” In Students’ Profanity, Slurs At Uber Driver

    University Of Michigan “Disappointed” In Students’ Profanity, Slurs At Uber Driver “You’re an Uber driver. Go @@@@ing drive, you little @@@@,” a student was filmed saying. “Minimum wage @@@@@@. Go @@@@ yourself.” The University of Michigan says it’s “extremely disappointed” in the behavior of...
  17. Max0487


    We Need to Get together against the ridiculous abuse. UBER HAS BECOME THE WALMART OF TRANSPORTATION. Is there any help groups in new Jersey? ??
  18. aware420

    What type of cars are you guys driving? UberX here and not finding this worth my time.

    Just received a text from Uber congratulating me for driving with them for a year. I drive UberX. Driving a 2011 Prius which am still paying off. I'm finding these $1 a mile fare ridiculous. With that pay off you are basically earning ~50c a mile after you factor in the miles it takes you to...
  19. RachelD

    Verbal Abuse

    Had my first verbal abuse. It started a few minutes into the ride. Guy who requested the ride was fine and trying to make his friend stop, but the drunk asshat kept getting worse. The abuse escalated. Called me pathetic then ugly (which is clearly not true lol). Told his friend I deserved it...