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  1. S

    ABN and GST registration for Uber Eats?

    As UberEats driver only I have ABN but don't need to register for the GST. Correct? Do I have to enter the details of my ABN anyway and tick the box to confirm I registered for GST? Thanks.
  2. Jack Malarkey

    ATO: Are your ABN details up to date?

    From the Australian Taxation Office’s Small Business Newsroom: Are your ABN details up to date? 7 June 2019 Did you know that you must update your ABN details when you become aware of changes? You can update your details by visiting the Australian Business Register (ABR) website. Keeping...
  3. M

    About Uber Eats Driver for ABN

    Hello, I am trying to register ABN, I am wondering which should I choose "Individual (Sole trader)" or "Partnership" at: https://abr.gov.au/ABRWeb/Apply/Abn/EntitlementAssessment.aspx?Task=f64c8d2e-2800-4a26-92a7-d21a1cc0a1e4&NavGraph=ApplyForAbn&View=EntitlementAssessment&Target=AbnApply&pid=71...
  4. Jack Malarkey

    ATO: ABN bulk cancellations

    From the Australian Taxation Office’s Small Business Newsroom: ABN bulk cancellations 2 May 2019 We will be conducting reviews on existing ABNs, which includes cancelling inactive ones. This helps to make sure the information on the Australian Business Register is correct and up to date. Your...
  5. Jack Malarkey

    ATO: Driving passengers for a fare?

    From the Australian Taxation Office’s Small Business Newsroom: Driving passengers for a fare? 20 November 2018 If you're going to provide ride-sourcing services, it's important to know your tax obligations before you start. Ride-sourcing is treated the same as taxi travel for GST...
  6. Alex @ Airtax


    Designed by PwC Tax Specialists, Airtax does simple tax for individuals from $49. Our integration with Uber allows you to pull earnings and expense data straight from your Uber profile into the BAS, making it super straightforward to stay compliant. Best of all it only takes a couple of minutes...
  7. Jack Malarkey

    ATO: have your say by 31 August 2018 on ABN changes including possible renewal fee

    From the Australian Taxation Office’s Small Business Newsroom: Have your say on ABN reform 31 July 2018 The Australian Business Number (ABN) is a key business identifier used by business, government and the community. However, the Black Economy Taskforce found that the ABN system is also...
  8. Jack Malarkey

    ATO: Do you import goods worth A$1,000 or less?

    From the Australian Taxation Office Small Business Newsroom: Do you import goods worth A$1,000 or less? 12 June 2018 From 1 July 2018 overseas businesses that meet the GST registration threshold of A$75,000 will need to charge GST on goods that are: less than A$1,000 (low value) imported...
  9. Jack Malarkey

    ATO: trading names are being retired

    From the Australian Taxation Office’s Small Business Newsroom: Trading names are being retired 27 April 2018 The Australian Business Register (ABR) is working with Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) in preparation for the retirement of trading names. To continue trading...
  10. Jack Malarkey

    ATO: advice on what happens if you haven’t lodged an activity statement for a long time

    Advice from the Australian Taxation Office’s Newsroom (https://www.ato.gov.au/Newsroom/smallbusiness/General/Haven-t-lodged-in-a-while-/?sbnews20180314): Haven’t lodged in a while? 5 March 2018 If you are a business that hasn't lodged an activity statement or reported income on the business...
  11. J

    UberEATS, ABN and tax

    Hey folks, I started riding for UberEATS a few weeks back. I have registered only for UberEATS and am using a bicycle. I became active as a rider sometime back in October but started riding only a few weeks back. My understanding so far based on my research is - 1) I have to have an ABN but do...
  12. M

    New to Uber - some questions

    Hi everyone, I am planning to join Uber just as a second job and need some advices. 1- I am planning to buy a new car anyway soon(Not just for Uber), do I need to register for Gst before buying the car so I can claim GST back? Do I need to record my car as a business or under my ABN to claim...
  13. Uber Doobie

    I asked CS - Why is the Fee increasing to 27%

    I thought I knew the answer but I asked the question anyway. The the response below Thank you for writing in. I see that you have concerns regarding your Uber Fee percentage.Let me clarify this. I have verified your account and see that you are already registered for ABN and GST. The increase...
  14. Jack Malarkey

    Cancelling your ABN after closing a business

    The Australian Taxation Office has advised via its Small Business Newsroom: Do you still need your ABN? 10 July 2017 If you’re selling, closing or restructing your business, you need to start thinking about cancelling your Australian business number (ABN) or updating your details. Cancelling...
  15. Jack Malarkey

    ABN email: Uber blinks; steps back from deactivation threat

    Uber will now NOT be deactivating drivers who don't supply an ABN but will charge GST on their service fee instead. The email I received about this is below: On Tue, 11 Jul 2017 at 7:56 pm, Uber Australia <email@et.uber.com> wrote: Your ABN and GST registration details Hi Jack, The...
  16. L

    Tax Time.

    Does Uber Melbourne have an ABN? Sitting here, trying to fill out a tax return, realising that I cannot source Uber's ABN from ANYWHERE. Any clues or hints??? Cheers
  17. Jack Malarkey

    Uber now requires ABN from drivers

    Uber sent drivers the following email at 4.36 pm eastern standard time on Thursday 1 June 2017: Please Confirm Your ABN and GST registration Details Hi Jack, As you may be aware, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) expects that ridesharing drivers carrying on an enterprise should have...
  18. SydneyUber Chick

    ABN and GST required by Uber

    Everyone should have received this email, but for those that didnt or those that dont read their Uber emails I'll repost it here: As you may be aware, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) expects that ridesharing drivers carrying on an enterprise should have an Australian Business Number (ABN)...
  19. J

    Has anyone used partner people?

    hi, i'm looking to sign up for uber, I have a camry hybrid. although i need to get insurance before i do. so to become an uber driver you need an ABN and you need to register for GST and do your bas and tax etc but i read somewhere that partner people removes the need to register for ABN and...
  20. R

    Can I use my partner's ABN?

    I work full time and I've been uber driving in the evenings, part time around 10 hours a week. To minimise my tax, was thinking of using my partner's ABN, as she earns less than the tax free threshold each year. Is this an option for me?