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  1. 2JoshH

    “Let's use the time to help U&L stay” mayor liccardo, san jose

    Aug. 24, 2020, 4:31 AM EDT By Sam Liccardo, mayor of San Jose The departure of Uber and Lyft from California might elicit cheers from some savvy tech cynics, brick-and-mortar defenders and mere Luddites. Yet most of us appreciate the critical value of these services in our communities. That...
  2. 2JoshH

    U & L AB5 Fight 🤼‍♂️ reveals reliance on Full Time Drivers ⏰

    Uber and Lyft say the battle over AB-5 is about preserving flexibility for part-time gig workers. The reality is their businesses have become dependent on full-time drivers and they can't afford to pay them like employees...
  3. Y

    Let’s organize protest in Los Angeles against ab5

    Hi Uber drivers, I earn 20/h revenue and 1000 clean a week, I go to school and never asked this @@@@ Lorena Gonzalez to represent me. I never asked to be an employee. Now in the middle of the pandemic, and Pua is cut. This assembly woman doesn’t give a shit about Uber drivers she just want labor...
  4. Y

    Uber drivers Let’s organize protest in Los Angeles

    Hi Uber drivers, Are you going to stay silent when you are gonna lose your job in the middle of the pandemic. Lorena Gonzalez the assembly’s woman earn about 200000 a year, she doesn’t give a shit about Uber drivers, she just wants labor union support. I was earning 20/h as a revenue and 1000...
  5. Cold Fusion

    Uber’s new California commission caps only underscore the pricing opacity for drivers

    Opacity: the condition of lacking transparency. In response to AB5, the new California labor law that makes it harder for employers to classify workers in the state as independent contractors, Uber in January capped its service fee on UberX rides in California at 25%. It was one of several...
  6. Roadster4

    202-224-3121, Calls to shape The Future of Rideshare!

    Did you know you can call your Senator in Washington at 202-224-3121 and ask them what you expect from them to do in regards to Rideshare? Did you know you can outline what’s important to YOU directly to your elected official? Did you know you can let them know that you will only vote for them...