a day in the life

  1. Retired Senior

    New York's Village Voice: A Day in the Uber Life Part 1 (Culture Shock)

    Hi. I always loved THE VILLAGE VOICE. For decades I read the VV and New York Magazine every week like others read the Bible. I never did move to New York City though... too many family obligations and not enough clear thinking. I am posting this HERE because I assume NYC drivers have already...
  2. OC Lady Uber Driver

    Grinding out a living in OC right after Labor Day

    I started as an Uber driver in June and during the summer months it seemed pretty busy. Yesterday, the day after Labor Day, I was not busy enough! I was on the streets for 8 hours and drove with pax for 4.5 of those hours to meet my goal in 15 trips. In the morning, it was all about local peeps...