911 is a joke

  1. D Town

    Uber can find you faster than 911

    According to an FCC report in 2014 that Oliver cites, location accuracy improvements could save over 10,000 lives yearly. But since 70 to 80 percent of 911 calls come from cell phones, the location information dispatchers get varies widely according to wireless service provider. Shockingly...
  2. Cou-ber

    Better Than Halloween??

    So I am getting text bombed by uber about the epic Saturday night and how all my colleagues are drowning in extra, record breaking, better than Halloween, record surge blanketing the entire metro Houston area and beyond cash but when I pull up the app there's nothing but a white Houston. And I...
  3. Cou-ber

    Can Lyft come back already??

    What do we need to do to convince Lyft to come back here? If it originally left because it didn't think we'd pay for the licensing fees, we've proven it's wrong. Uber has established the market is here and one glance at the Houston forum would prove we, its future drivers, are eager and willing...