1. 300Miles

    New Uber App shows Suppressing 5 stars?

    Previous iterations of the Uber App used percentiles to represent your rating distribution. I always saw this as rigged, but the new app seems to prove it. As you can see the exact numerical distribution of your last 500 ratings you can tell when you get anything less than a 5 and where it is...
  2. Cargo

    We're Cargo, a company that helps drivers earn more money. Ask Me Anything

    Hey, this is Eric and Kevin from Cargo, a company that helps rideshare drivers earn more money by providing FREE snacks, samples, and premium products to passengers during their ride. We're currently operating in Chicago, New York, and Boston, and we're in the process of expanding to other...
  3. Uber_girl99

    I have 2500 5 stars

    Ive only been doing Uber for 1 year. Is that normal or am I an Uber addict? Lol
  4. C

    New driver earns $350.00 in 80 hours

    So Im reading a post on facebook on the Uber like page and a brand new person who started driving for uber in Michigan, is happy because last week he made $350.00 after only working 80 hours. He is excited to get his first direct deposit on thursday. Now is it just me or does this man need to...
  5. OrlUberOffDriver

    Raise Your Rating Without 5 Stars. Maybe...

    First and formost, I do NOT believe anything that Uber says! I often have 5 star streaks, recently I had a 49 streak of(5 stars) and it raised my rating .01 So, I set out to figure this out. As you see, my lifetime trips is: 1042, Rated trips: 802 of those, 722 are(5 stars) and I show a 4.87...