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  1. Cantina00

    2nd Post~ I Like Uber~ Retailitory Rating??

    Hi Neighbors,, I drive in Southern Jersey,,, 215 trips 4.6 rating I got a 3 star rating today,, uuggghh Anyhow my question for the day is,,,,,,???????? Can a passenger give you a Retaliatory Star rating?????? The short story is I had a very bad rider this afternoon,, very demanding, she...
  2. G

    Rider rating

    Why would any driver rate the rider 5 stars for a trip when they know the rider doesn't give drivers 5 stars ? If drivers are not giving out free bottles of water or mints or provide mobile charging cables or aux connectivity, you will definitely not be getting 5 stars from the rider. So why...
  3. mrpjfresh

    Ratings Inflation: New paper from NYU suggests Uber ratings more meaningless than ever

    Interesting (though not surprising) read on ratings and the psychology and social pressure to give all drivers 5 stars. ----------------------------- How did Uber’s ratings become more inflated than grades at Harvard? That’s the topic of a new paper, “Reputation Inflation,” from NYU’s John...
  4. Mista T

    A ratings observation

    I think it has been about 2 months now since Uber announced their "ratings protection", and started putting a 5 star default in the pax screens. I drive U and L equally, and my market is very heavy Lyft so I really do get about a 1:1 ratio of rides. It seems to me that I only get 5 stars or...
  5. Toonces-the-cat

    5 stars of 5 bucks?

    What do you really want?
  6. M

    Pax called me a thief...

    Recently I accepted a pax on 3.4x surge for a half mile ride to her dorm. I was happy for getting a surge rate but as soon as she opened the door I regretted. She opened up and didn't even greet me on my how are you doing, she rolled her eyes and told me that I should be ashamed and that I was a...
  7. B

    Best uber compliment

    Before the flaming begins I know the best compliment is get to tipped in CASH. Best tip I made was $30 in cash from a $5 uberX just 2 nights ago. What is your best in app rider notes - to be honest the fact someone took the time to write feedback about your grind deserves to be known. Drop...
  8. C

    Beating the 2017 winter slump

    After new years Uber will be lowering prices to heat up demand. Now it will be cheaper to use a Uber instead of owning your own car. Rates will be as low as 30 cents per mile. What this means is you as a parnter will be taking more trips per hour therefore maximizing your earnings. So instead...
  9. jayoncé_

    Serious Ratings Issues

    Am I the only one who is having an issue with the ratings system? I see multiple posts about it but I genuinely don't understand (and am a bit pissed off at this point). Somehow my rating dipped down to a 4.67 to start this week off. For some perspective, I have a total of 64 lifetime trips and...
  10. DriveMeNot

    Only 1 or 5 stars for rider, nothing in the middle

    It is Saturday evening, you spent good time with your family and then decided to get into your car and drive in your way to work this fun Job of meeting new people while you giving them a ride to their destination. There it comes "Ping" the first rider request, young couples ride in your car...
  11. Libertyfare

    Another Uber urban legend or is it?????

    I had a pax the other day claim that there is an Uber driver using child locks on their car and demanding proof of a 5 star rating before letting people out of the vehicle. I think it is BS cause the passenger would just have to email uber and tell them they had been held against their will...
  12. tipster98122

    I rate riders a 5 and then subtract for making me wait

    Riders: you get 5 stars when I pull up. Then I subtract 1 star for every minute you make me wait. You KNOW I'm there or close by--have the courtesy to be ready. You want me to be on time to come get you so respect my time as well. Is that harsh?
  13. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    How soon until the pax Can see the rating we gave them?

    if they have a 5.0 and I give them A 3.0 can they see their ratings go down and how soon?
  14. RachelD

    After 83 rides I rated a passenger less than 5 and I'm now less than 5

    So, I've basically been giving every passenger a 5 because so far they've all been fairly reasonable. However, I had one passenger tonight during a 4.5 surge who kept saying "I'm walking out right now" for well over 5 minutes. It was the 3rd time I'd had this passenger today, so I felt like she...