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5 star

  1. I

    No Tip = 4 star?

    I've been driving for 5 days now and I've received 3 tips. 2 in app, 1 cash. So far I have given all riders 5 stars. They are been nice, some have talked to me the whole ride, some keep to themselves. Some rides I honestly don't feel a need for a tip, but there 2 rides last night that got me...
  2. ED Wallace

    Longest 5 Star streak

    This might be lamest post ever but I am still curious. 1) how many consecutive 5⭐ did you get before dropping to 4.9x? I am at 71 thus far, did 200 trips, and luckily haven't come across the a-hole pax yet.
  3. Psycho Driver

    VOTE ON THIS: 4 Star all pax, unless they TIP us!

    VOTE ON THIS: Today I had a lady that smelled like smoke when she got in the car. I couldn't wait until she got out, was about a 15 min ride, about a $10 fare. I 4* stared her. Then a couple hours later, I got a $3 tip from her. I contacted Uber support in the app, under problem with my fare...
  4. X

    Tipping all apps

    Hey guys just a update tlc came to the idg meeting the other day. We found out the bill/rule for tipping hearing will be in July early that month will get exzact date. I know it's not a rate per min per min change but just a little update for people not in the idg. As always sign the below...
  5. J

    Has your ratings taken a beating since Uber changed how ratings are displayed in passenger app?

    I have fallen from 4.97 to 4.88 in 471 lifetime trips. The decline is entirely in the last 2 weeks since Uber started making the riders own rating highly visible in app. Prior to the change I got rated on about 1/3 of trips and usually got 5 stars. After the change most riders rate me and I am...
  6. StraightoutofCottleville

    It's the little things...

    I drive a 2013 Ford Escape. Riders seem to dig my moonroof. What do you think?
  7. pista05

    6 Hot Tips to get 5 Star Trips in Toronto

    Play Music from a Station with language you nor the passenger understand. Always Play it Loud! Examples: Fairchild Radio FM 88.9 or CMR 101.3 FM Temperature: Setup the temp in the car to 20% higher than outside. 30 Celsius outside? the car should be set for 36 Celsius and if you got seat warmers...
  8. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Does anyone else drive a Manual/Stick shift?

    I have a 2013 automatic that i was having the brake pads replaced and some filters changed. I decided to use my 2005 manual/Stick for a day.. This car was a big hit..Pax said it was cool, and i never seen a white person drive a manual etc. I decided to drive it a second day and the same...
  9. G

    20 rides and still at 5 star rating

    Proudest moment of my life! OMG!!! Lmaooooo just kidding