5 minutes

  1. Kurt Halfyard

    PAX Who Have No Concept of Time Will Get The $5 Education Fee

    This happened just a short while ago. J----- texted me about 1 minute after I arrived with the above. I think I was pretty clear with how much time she had. She didn't make it. I think she should have perhaps said "Hello! Be out in 5 minutes." This still wouldn't have gotten her a ride. If...
  2. AllenChicago

    Cancel Fee Now Charged After 2 Minutes - Big Improvement!

    November 17, 2017 Got this e-mail from Lyft Today... (copy/paste) "2-Minute Cancellation Window Previously, passengers had up to five minutes to cancel a ride without being charged a fee. Now, you'll receive that fee if they cancel after two minutes." Should we assume that the cancellation...
  3. David Pickett

    Uber, Lyft: Wait timer so obviously missing!

    As I sit waiting for a passenger, or waiting for a mistaken call to cancel, where is my wait timer, to tell me if I have hit 5 minutes yet?