45 minute pick ups

  1. New2This

    Does Uber know you're running Lyft?

    Yesterday was a great day. I got 2 45+ minute Surging pings, both after rush hour so it wasn't gonna be 45 minutes going from Georgetown to Union Station in gridlock. Interesting thing is that both pings came in while running Lyft. One trip I was enroute to pick up a 100% PT Lyft when Uber...
  2. H

    Lyft long trip 45+ min. In surge but no prime time showing.

    I have noticed that Lyft doesn't show surge on 45+min trips. I got 2 45+min pings last week in morning surge it was 100 prime time but it just says 45+min trip no prime time. Then yesterday it was surging 100 prime time in whole Manhattan and I keep getting ping for 45+ trip but no surge. Wtf...
  3. pizza guy

    Using the 45+ minute warning

    Just curious how you guys are treating the 45+ minute warnings. I absolutely love and in some ways it makes up for losing the 6 DFs. I try to stay in the suburbs and this warning makes that really easy considering anything on the Ike is at least 45.
  4. Quintessence

    "Gaming" the system, especially Lyft

    Isn't it true that passengers "game" the system every time they request a ride from you when you are over 15 minutes away? You are pretty much guaranteed to lose money on such a ride, and I've encountered riders who know it and will cancel the request if they have a short ride and the driver...