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  1. Do0dles

    Prius or Camry Hybrid?

    Hi, first time poster. Was curious to hear feedback on why/why not get either a Prius 2016 or 2017 Four Touring or a Camry Hybrid 2018. Figure the 2016 Prius would help with depreciation costs and is nicer looking than the 2017, but am thinking the Camry had more knowledge to work with given its...
  2. RUSSREED2.0

    AU REVOIR 2016! SALUT 2017

    On ye Uber faithful, Thy streets call us to be free. Yet here we are driving on N.Y.E There will be part goers, Kisses will be had, Be sure you are ready, With your sillcone barf bags. One thing we learned in 2016, We are humans, We can stand together, We can make Uber a better place for us...
  3. QLDUberDriver

    This weeks Guarantees real hourly calculations.

    Here are some more real numbers of this weeks incentives. It still doesn't calculate accurately what each person will pay for fuel as well as any depreciation, servicing, tyres etc. And it also assumes you will work the 12 hours straight. From my experience for those hours your looking at...
  4. C

    Looking for relief driver in the East/Marine Parade

    Hi all! Sorry I am really new to Uber and this forum. As the title states, I am looking for a relief driver in the East/Marine Parade from 14th Oct to 23rd Oct 2016. Rental will be $69/day, for a brand new, white, Toyota Axio Hybrid. Please PM me or contact 82014558 Jun Jie for more info.
  5. D

    October 1st Legislation

    I received an email a few weeks ago, informing me that there is a possibility of change in legislation for drivers, regarding the age of their vehicle. If your car is older than 10 years, you'll be limited to UberEATS (Can't stand it!). Does anyone know what the outcome of this is? I've booked...
  6. T

    Question: (LA?OC) Uber Black Driver Requirements (License)

    Hey all, I am going to work for a friend that is starting an Uber LUX Fleet. He is setting it up as though they are Uber Black so that once they start accepting new black cars he will be ready. Meaning he is getting the TCP, and has the commercial insurance. My question: What type of license...
  7. Uber Man Boston


    Worthless. What a waste. I'm never going back there again.
  8. Uber Man Boston


    No thanks.
  9. James Han

    Toronto Uber Picnic (TUP)

    As the proverb says, "Every little helps" I would like to suggest something to the members of the forum here. First of all, it's about providing a funding for Slavic Riga who resides in Quebec. You can always find him commenting and giving helpful info in the forum, a very active member. It...
  10. drive&survive

    2016 election, who you going to vote for?

    So here is my take, I'm going for Bernie, Hillary cited before that Uber/sharing economy are bad bla bla bla... but recently David Plouffe (Uber's policy advisor and board member) is endorsing her and that's scary. Uber've not endorsed here if there wasn't anything for them, right? Any way my...
  11. RubeSlave

    Strike is TODAY

    People, get on Zello and organize your strike today! This isn't going away and it's up to you to get it together. Uber ONLY rolls back when they are pushed. Best luck to all this week
  12. Archie8616

    2016 Tax Season - "Who you with"...

    Hello fellow Colorado Uber drivers. So, this is will be my first year using a 1099 form. For those that have already gone through the process, do you have any tax accountants you would be happy to refer? I'm sure there are a lot others that are new that definitely would find this posting...
  13. L

    NYE 2016

    Are you working or staying home? I took Christmas week off to go out of town and need the cash so may work Lyft guarantees for a few hours. Less stress, better passengers, and can cash out at the end of the night. And before anyone ask I don't go out on NYE. A usual NYE for me includes church...
  14. cleansafepolite

    why bother? who cares.

    2016. pictures of the great uber stike.
  15. UberTaxPro

    IRS issues new mileage rates for 2016

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued the 2016 optional standard mileage rates.The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued the 2016 optional standard mileage rates and beginning on January 1, 2016, the standard mileage rates for the use of a car, van, pickup or panel truck will be...