1. SMH Uber

    Since When does Uber start out Tip Option at more than 20%

    last time i ubered, the tips options started. 1,2 and/or 3 bucks. I wonder if they are skimming...
  2. Maven

    30% Uber Cut

    Are you a "new" driver who started July 2017 or later? You probably know that the Uber Cut is subtracted from every fare and delivery. Do new drivers, who started July 2017 or later in New Jersey, have a 30% Uber Cut or the 25% Uber Cut assigned to New Jersey drivers who started earlier? I know...
  3. Modern-Day-Slavery

    Get Uber credit for being a driver

    Are there any cities where Uber ever give their partners Uber credit for when they are passengers on days off? I think it would be a nice gesture- just like people who work at Mcdonalds get 20% off. I would also like to see Uber do a deal with a service station to provide with cheap cold water...
  4. U

    This is how they treat their 'Partners' price cuts is an insult.

    I did their guaranteed $35ph bull$#¡t and was $60 off from the 5 hours slot (10pm - 3am) and honestly I can't accept this disrespect from an employer. It's sad that they think we are so stupid that we would actually fall for their 'making more trips equals more money' it certainly makes uber...