1. M

    Is it true rider gets refund for a 1 star rating?

    I received a 1 star rating tonight and later i found out the rider paid almost 25 bucks for a very short trip due to surge. Does the rider really get a full refund just because he rated me 1 star?
  2. PioneerXi

    Where's my 1* gone?

    Hmm. Monday 24 September I picked up a passenger downtown. Pulling up in the dark couldn't I see the face of the rider. Confirmed rider name and let them in. Driving, I recognize that the rider use to work at my former employer, and that I had separated them. Dropped rider off and moved down...
  3. ChristopherHouston89

    Retaliation 1* Rating

    So over the weekend I had a PAX leave a mess in my car. (They had an entire Yeti of Vodka spill in my back seat as they were exiting my car). I reported it to UBER and they processed a cleaning fee which was $160 charged to the PAX. Well today I looked at my rating and I have my first 1* which I...
  4. penguine

    Penguine is sad

    This morning got riders(mom and son) who were living close to a construction site, which means when they get in my car floor mat got messy with dirt and stuff. After the trip clean the font mat but before I can clean rear one got a ping, I apologies to next rider for messy mat. he said no...
  5. T

    1☆ drives up surge.

    1☆ your pax and that's one less driver available for your pax. Less drivers equal surge. There are no repercussions for a 1☆. It's simply letting uber/lyft know that you don't want to be paired with pax again. A similar strategy works in other areas. Pax ain't your friend. They're the...