1. Fargle

    Uber's 1099 import is knackered

    So, I'm doing my taxes with Turbotax and got to the part where I import 1099 stuff directly from Uber. Yipee! Can't connect right now Uber The 1099 import service for Uber is currently unavailable. Please try your import again on February 12, 2020 at 5:00PM PT. Try getting this form...
  2. I

    U/L Tax Question...

    So I drive for both U+L. I am in a situation where I made more than $600 for uber and less than $600 for Lyft so I dont have to report my Lyft earnings. However, my mileage log is combined. What I am thinking of doing to get a roundabout mileage number to report for uber is prorate the total...
  3. A

    Turbotax says I owe 0 after expenses, but help me on this:

    I got this error: I really dont want to mail it in, i feel like if turbotax does it then I wont get audited, but if i have to mail in, of course i will. I really didn't end up with a profit last year but I didn't keep my receipts. I got all this info off my bank and credit card accounts going...
  4. M

    1099 forms - late

    i still did not receive anything from uber yet to do my taxes. do they mail me something???
  5. Zap


    Got my 1099-MISC but no 1099-K from uber. Anyone else?
  6. P

    1099 confusion

    I am a part time driver for Uber and Lyft. Got one 1099 from Uber which was a 1099-Misc for roughly 2k. However, they paid me another roughly 11K. Last year they sent 1099 misc and also a 1099K. Went through support and they said I do not need to get another one. Just seems off to me that they...
  7. UberTaxPro

    1099-K Tax Basics

    There is a lot of talk lately about the issuance or non-issuance of a 1099-K. There are 15 types of 1099's, 1099-K is the newest and least understood. Interestingly, 1099-K's only have to be issued by third parties if the payee had 200 transactions and paid out $20,000 or more to the payee over...
  8. Beatriz Sanchez

    Will I get a 1099K/Misc??

    Has anyone received their 1099 forms on their dashboard? I submitted the consent for it to be sent to me electrically, but have not received it. Also I started uber mid 2017. But I made less than 200 rides. Also they say that according to my account information ℹ that I did not meet the $600...
  9. B

    Uber 1099 not showing yearly Summary 2017

    So my 1099 shows Jan through Apr. But not May through December. May is when the Upfront pricing system started. I've seen Uber take almost 50% of the fare for some of the rides I've done. I think they are holding back information so we don't know exactly how much they've taken out. But it's...
  10. SoCalGabbieCash

    Got my uber tax form.

    Got my Uber tax form. Uber did the same thing they always do. Glad I was smart enough to catch it the first time I filed in 2016 in California. Wonder if Vegas drivers know what Uber does to the 1099's. You're not nice to me so I am not sharing this invaluable information, but at least you know...
  11. pClark

    How do I get a 1099 from Rasier from 2015

    I'm having a problem with the IRS and need all my paperwork to respond to them. I have everything except my 1099. Is there a simple way of getting one. I haven't driven in over a year and am not currently active. Any suggestions? TIA P Found my own answer. Logged into my old UBER...
  12. UberTaxPro

    Side Hustlers Earning Billions In Extra Cash But Not Reporting It To IRS

    This news article from Forbes claims that Millennials are the worst culprits!!! https://www.forbes.com/sites/kellyphillipserb/2017/09/21/side-hustlers-skipping-out-on-an-estimated-216-billion-in-taxes/#89d1b08a8d6c
  13. Yoloman9001

    Have not driven for Uber in well over a year and STILL never recieved my 1099 misc

    Hey there folks! How are ya doing today? i was hoping to get some help or advisory, i was looking into older threads on the related issue but i had some questions of my own, and i feel like I'm kind of in a pickle myself. I started driving for Uber back in the spring of 2016, haven't really...
  14. T

    Uber driver tax prep done by Uber Drivers!

    Hello all! By now we've all received our 1099's to file from Uber, but some don't know what is considered deductible or not. I'm giving discounts to all local Uber drivers! Even if you're not interested in my services Let's get the dialogue open and start discussing tax deductible expenses...
  15. J

    1099-K Only Schedule C

    I started driving for UBER in December 2016. When completing a Schedule C with ONLY 1099-K income, What to enter in Box C and D? I don't have a separate business, I am a ride-share driver (part-time). Thank you in advance.
  16. Retired Senior

    Turbo Tax Self Employed Tax Over-View for Uber Drivers

    This should help people new to 1099's get started... and help to instruct them on what they need to document during this year.... TurboTax / Tax Calculators & Tips / All Tax Guides / Self-Employment Taxes / Tax Tips for Uber Drivers: Understanding Your Taxes Tax Tips for Uber Drivers...
  17. AArnold54

    S Corp in Indiana, How and Is it a Good Idea

    Hello all, I just started driving in Indiana last week, and I sometimes make some drives into the IL / Chicago area as well. For tax reasons, I am considering forming an S Corp in Indiana. I was wondering if anyone has any advice or experience on this, especially in regards to 1) what's the...
  18. MusicJazz

    1099 Form- No Longer an UBERDRIVER

    So I recently shut down my account prior to the end of the year. I assumed I would still be able to log on and look at my tax documents, but I no longer have access to UBER driver or rider.... Uber states that there is no way for them to tell me how or if I will receive the 1099. I was paid...
  19. Zardoz

    When Lyft tax forms arrive/declaring as a business?

    Hey guys ! For any of you veterans here who have been doing lyft (or even uber) for over a year , when do your 1099 forms arrive in the mail , stating all of your earnings for the last year ? Just ask cuz I heard that if you are in the city of L.A. , you can file for an exemption on your taxes...