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  1. To Mega Therion

    Question about PSP airport

    A lot of your day rides will be shorties: doctor appointments, work commuting. As evening sets you get the dinner/cocktail crowd. Once or twice day you may get lucky and have a ride out of town. The ride out to Yucca Valley/Joshua Tree/29 Palms is good, but it's hard to find a ride back. If you...
  2. To Mega Therion

    Ever look at the faces of some of people w/ “real jobs”?

    "There's a support group for people who hate their job. It's called everybody, and they meet at the bar." — Drew Carey
  3. To Mega Therion

    New Gas Tax goes into effect today

    There's nothing like reading a political debate made up of spelling that would embarrass a second-grader. :laugh:
  4. To Mega Therion

    Methadone Clinic

    Anyone who drives for a while sees the same thing, or worse. Read the stories here. I'm a well-payed freelance professional, and in the process of studying for a second degree. I don't rideshare anymore. Factoring in the depreciation and mileage deduction it's a net loss. I saw some moron...
  5. To Mega Therion

    Pay rates in PS area

    So can you.
  6. To Mega Therion

    Ridesharing still profitable?

    Saw it today. Old timer. Probably getting away from the old lady.
  7. To Mega Therion

    Where is everyone

    Sold my car, deleted my accounts. DONE.
  8. To Mega Therion

    What is current uber rate per mile & min in this area? I cant find info on uber website..

    I'm done. It's not worth it. A grocery store job pays better, net-net.
  9. To Mega Therion

    Uber Select or Gas Mileage

    I had a lifelong car mechanic in the car once. Asked him what's the best buy today. He said, if you got bucks, a Mercedes. For the everyday driver, a Korean car (Hyundai or Kia).
  10. To Mega Therion

    Look at yourself in the mirror.

    "Troll" is a sensitive millennial word that had to have been invented on the west coast. In the northeast we call it "busting balls" and it's largely how we communicate.
  11. To Mega Therion

    Wear Protection

    He gave me your number, said your nickname was "Sweet Pants."
  12. To Mega Therion

    Wear Protection

    Been there. It's a nice ego boost for a middle-aged guy.
  13. To Mega Therion

    IEHP drought

    They mostly dried up last summer.
  14. To Mega Therion

    Cleaning fee requires receipt -doesn't count towards lost revenue

    Use a friend's address and get a free Google Voice number.
  15. To Mega Therion

    🚨 Uber Bans Free Speech In Your Own Vehicle? 🚨

    This has less to do with free speech and more to do with the social awkwardness of tech-bro millennials.
  16. To Mega Therion

    Cleaning fee requires receipt -doesn't count towards lost revenue

    ^ Simple, brilliant idea. Paxhole Cleaning Services, LLC.
  17. To Mega Therion

    Coachella weekend II

    I don't disparage how most people make a living, but there is something amusing about a driver pissing contest.
  18. To Mega Therion

    How would you handle this ......

    Get in front of it. Pax like this often make false accusations. You see it here everyday.
  19. To Mega Therion

    Am I racist when it comes to PAX and the radio?

    • Dance hits for young, partying woo-woo girls • Classic hiphop for most black folks 50 and under • Classic soul for older black folks • Classic rock for blue collar white dudes • Yacht rock for everyone else Seems to work. Special exception for older Brazilians (a rarity). I love bossa nova...