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  1. UberNorthDfw

    Lyft Express rental question

    On the Lyft app they have hybrid cars to rent but it doesn't say what type of car they are does anybody know?
  2. UberNorthDfw

    NTSB: Fully Autonomous Cars Are Unlikely

    So Much for Uber's self driving dreams: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/602273/fully-autonomous-cars-are-unlikely-says-americas-top-transportation-safety-official/
  3. UberNorthDfw

    The Truth About How Uber’s App Manages Drivers

  4. UberNorthDfw

    Free Car Washes Today (11-9-15 ) In Livonia

    Up here visiting from Dallas & happened to drive by here: Zax Auto Wash Free Ultimate Was $14.99 Nice offer!
  5. UberNorthDfw

    Where's all the Dfw Lyft drivers this afternoon?

    Did a Uber drop off at DFW Airport around 2:15pm, flipped on the Lyft app on the way out, only 3 drivers showing in all of the metroplex ! Then I get a ping all the way in Addison! 25mins / 20 miles away!
  6. UberNorthDfw

    Guaranteed Prime Time In DFW

    From Lyft email today: "To support the growing demand in Dallas-Fort Worth, starting next week, we're guaranteeing Prime Time on Saturday nights from 1-3 a.m. Watch your inbox tomorrow for the map."
  7. UberNorthDfw

    Actually got paid for the Guarantee hours

    Winter Warm Up Regular Hours Payment ---> Congrats, our log shows that you were online for 20.05 hours. We added $41.3 to your account.