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    Uber lays off 435 people across engineering and product teams

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    Uber wants us to sign petition

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    need advise on east coast to west coast travel

    I’m planning to move from NJ to SF to start a new position and I’m planning to travel with my car. Has anybody done such long travel? Any advise?Appreciate any feedback.
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    Uber and Lyft drivers in eight U.S. cities plan to stop taking rides for the ridesharing services on May 8

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    Kim Kardashian Wants to Become Lawyer

    Who on earth would care about that? Why such fake news are on top lines of our media. Where are we going? SMH https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/opinion/gutfeld-on-kim-kardashian-becoming-a-lawyer.amp...
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    Uber Fake Surge

    Since this week, I have noticed Uber started a fake surge game. It’s been like more than three times that I’m in the middle of huge surges and Uber send me non surge rides, within the surge area. I checked the rider app and I could see prices are not surged. In addition I am seeing recently...
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    Pool pax was forcing me to take his route instead of app and waze suggested route

    Tonight was so slow that I decided to take a pool pax. From Princton NJ to Yardley PA. The app and the waze gps both telling me to take the hwy1. Pax from the beginning started to tell me to take the back road 206, which is a one lane dark road, and, and also longer time. I believe he was trying...
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    Not knowing the destination is a a BIG loss for drivers

    I’m thinking of quitting driving rideshare or limiting it to only with DF. Lack of knowing the destination is a big issue, at least in my area. It could lead to big dead miles, to the extent that you may actually losing money. I am in a suburb area (Princeton NJ) and recently I got lots of Lyft...
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    Dead uber Lyft tonight

    Is it going back to normal next week?? I guess until end of this week still a lot of people are on vacation and off works. It’s super slow tonight. No Lyft/UberX ping in 2 hours. Heading home ...
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    Dead Monday night in NJ

    Almost zero ping here in NJ tonight. My meal cost more than my earnings tonight. In the meantime there are 5 Uber and 6 Lyfts ant in my proximity, including myself ... smh
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    BS Uber surge

    I was in the middle of 2.6 surge area ... nothing came to me. Except a 2.1 pax with rating 4.5. What is this game Uber playing? If there is a surge, why they don’t assign trips to close by drivers immediately? FYI my rating is 4.87. My acceptance rate is not high btw.
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    Is Uber app down in NJ?

    Is Uber app down in NJ?
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    Super slow night in NJ

    It’s damn super slow ... nothing going on tonight. Freezing weather. Hope for the weekend ...
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    Beware of account name GoGo

    This account is apparently for a company that gives service to old people with extreme disability, such as not even able to get in and out without help. All they do is booking uber and Lyft for them and leave all the burden on the drivers. My advice: cancel instantly in Uber, or decline in...
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    Singing paxholes

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    Uber is down in NJ

    anyone else have issue going online in Uber app?
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    Pre scheduled Lyft shuffle

    the cancellation fee for pre scheduled Lyft rides is 10$. Had one tonight, canceled at 5:01 . Called the pax, rang 4-5 times until pax pickup, hung up immediately, and cancel
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    Lyft keeps reducing my ride challenge bonus every week

    Before October, my ride challenge bonus was 150$ for 72 rides. I was always catching it. Since October they reduced it every week, 10$. Now it’s 99$ for the same 72 rides. Time to quit Lyft for a while. Btw, Uber had a nice quest here last night, 65$ for 14 rides. I liked it
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    Uber scheduled trip at train station

    last night I had a request from Uber. It was saying scheduled trip. Happened to be at train station Princeton. The train apparently got delayed. However my app timer didn’t go down below 2 minutes!! Actually the “cancel if no show” didn’t toggle at all. It was weird. I was afraid if I cancel I’d...