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    Pay reduced for Whole Foods

    I noticed today that instaed of $18/hr Whole Foods blocks are now $15/hr. They've also added tip information on the acceptance page.
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    Mayhem at DPH2

    WTF is happening with DPH2? Yesterday afternoon the lot was packed with cars waiting to get into the warehouse. After getting into the warehouse over 1 hour late, I finally made it out, only to see that the entire 2nd half of the warehouse was filled with parked white vans staged for the next...
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    Are Eats orders going to X drivers?

    I just got this notification in my X only account.
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    Flex Android Widget

    While setting up a new phone I noticed that there was a Flex widget so I decided to put on my home screen to see what if offered. So far I haven't seen any content. Does this widget do anything or is it just a useless shortcut to the app?
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    Warehouse location for Philadelphia Fresh (FPA1)

    Is there a list available that will show me where a particular warehouse is before I actually accept a block? I'm seeing offers for Philadelphia Fresh (FPA1) but would like to know its location before accepting anything from this location.
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    Tolls added to upfront pricing.

    I recently took a fare where Uber did not compute the tolls properly. When I requested an adjustment they went ahead and increased the PAX fare to cover the tolls (this has happened on multiple occasions). What is the safest way for me to educate the PAX that Uber might overcharge them? Upfront...
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    Out of state rides.

    How does Uber handle out of state rides on my 1099's? I'm a PA driver but have taken a large number ($600+) of NJ trips. I've also done a few NY and DE dropoffs but no pickups in those states.
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    Short ride from PHL

    I got my first short ride from PHL today. It was to a hotel on Enterprise Avenue 4.6 miles. I got my next pickup on my way back to the airport as I approached Bartram without even going into the queue.
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    Rideshare Door at PHL

    It's nice that PHL pickups now show the terminals again but as a driver I have no idea where the rideshare door is. It would be nice if Uber informed their drivers about airport changes.
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    ABE Airport

    What is the current status of ABE Airport? I'm a PHL driver and just made a Bethlehem drop off but I'm not seeing any queue.
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    Seeing airport queue from a distance

    Is there any method or 3rd party service that will show how big the airport queue is from a distance? Sometimes I find myself in NJ and would find that info useful when I'm located between the WWB and the BFB.
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    Any PHL drivers having trouble getting DE pings?

    I'm having a weird issue when I go to DE. The app lets me go online but I don't get any pings. The only times I ever got pings was when I was near the PA border and those pings were from the PA side. Additionally I can see PA surges but don't see any DE surges. It almost seems like when I'm in...
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    Passed up a long pickup

    I just passed on this pickup, partially because I'm not sure if Uber would find some reason to deny it and partially because of the PAX rating.
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    Queues in Delaware?

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask but I couldn't find any other DE forum. I think my account has an issue in that I get no DE pings. Phone support says everything is OK but but it isn't. are there any queues in DE I can go to to further test my account. Another interesting thing is...
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    Uber selectively deciding when to mark long trips as 60+ minutes

    Today after the Eagles game I took a fare to Glassboro when I got a 45+ minute long trip notification. Thinking about what destinations were between 45 and 60 minutes away, I felt there was a good chance this ride would take me back to Philadelphia. I was completely wrong, this trip took me to...
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    Picked up from EWR with DF (60+ Long Trip)

    I got pretty close to a unicorn tonight. After dropping off a PAX in NYC I set my DF to South Jersey and told Waze to get me there with no tolls. As I was getting near EWR I got a trip request with a 60+ long trip, I hit accept faster than I could check the riders rating or where it was coming...
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    Rating during trip?

    Is it possible for a PAX to rate their driver during a trip? I had a string of trips that ended with PAXs from hell. As soon as the trip ended I checked my rating and saw that it dropped (and it wasn't from a 4-star).
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    Areas excluded from surge

    Every once in a while I notice some area excluded from a surge and usually have a hard time figuring out why it's excluded. Here's an example in Cranbury NJ. Maybe an Uber employee or family member lives there and they've created an exclusion zone in order not to pay surge pricing.
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    Destination Filter at 30th Street Station?

    Can I get into the queue if I have a DF set? I sometimes head to 30th Street if I want to leave Center City and just want to know if it makes sense to go there just before heading home.
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    GrubHub Region Boundries

    This morning I was doing UE deliveries in Philadelphia when I got an SMS from GH that new blocks were available in Trenton. I immediately grabbed 10.5 hours and went online. It took me about 45 minutes to actually get to my region. How is GH going to view my time outside the region? My pay...