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  1. DriverX

    Anyone notice what was listed as new in the latest app release?

    I was half asleep and couldn't see it. I thought I saw something about route re-ordering but havene't noticed anything in the app thats different except for the removal of the tote count after scanning. WTF major assache having to do math to figure out what the tote count should be. I ended up...
  2. DriverX

    AWS S3 down, causing nationwide distribution issues.

    DSD2 isn't issuing offers since yesterday. Who else can't get blocks?
  3. DriverX

    Driverless SUV smashes through shop entrance, knocks down child (VIDEO)

  4. DriverX

    North Park Hammer attacker was an Uber driver

    Reported to have driven 8 days before attack. I'm guessing the vehicle must be involved since it was a garage. They said he was a highly rated driver, LOL
  5. DriverX

    Hammer attacker in SD was an Uber driver

  6. DriverX

    Nationwide Customs Outage Over, but Airports Clogged With Annoyed Travelers

    Looks like Customs got hacked. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/nationwide-customs-border-protection-outage-clogs-multiple-airports-irritated-travelers-n702451 A four-hour outage for U.S. Customs and Border Protection left throngs of angry passengers dealing with significant delays from...
  7. DriverX

    Self-Driving Uber Blows Through Red Light On First Day In San Francisco

    Nearly kills a pedestrian. Uber blames driver,,, typical. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/self-driving-uber-san-fran-red-light-video_us_5851c9c5e4b0732b82fedb01 Either driverless cars replicate humans a bit too well or they need more tweaking before they’re ready for prime time. Just...
  8. DriverX


  9. DriverX

    Google is no longer developing its own self-driving car: report

    And there it is, Uber's silver bullet. Google has refocused its autonomous driving efforts away from developing its own car without a steering wheel and pedals, according to a report from The Information. Instead, the company is said to be partnering with automakers on more conventional cars...
  10. DriverX

    How soon do Friday blocks get released after noon in San Diego?

    I would like to get a afternoon surf sesh in but really would like to score some shifts. If they assign me some blocks, do I have to accept right away? or are they assumed to be mine? I got nothing last week so I don't know if thats my fault or what... I don't want to lose any by not being...
  11. DriverX

    Parking NAZI in Little Italy.

    I took this spot on Kettner the other night after 7pm. I walk around the corner for some Ramen at Raki Raki, come back and Mussolini apparently must think this is 1939 because they pulled my windshield wipers up and put a sign on my car syaing, "NOT YOUR SPOT" WTF, it's a public street it's...
  12. DriverX


    Anyone in SD driving Flex around here? Looking for info on where the 'San Diego' pickup location is... I heard there's Miramar, Cbad and San Diego. I only had the SD option so far.
  13. DriverX


    Don't even consider commuting more than 10 miles for the Bing opener. Anymore than 10 drivers or one DX will kill the surge for this event, so consider it dead because the geniuses at Uber have planted a flag on it so there are already about 100 X 50 Select and 25 SUV circling like vulture now...
  14. DriverX

    Surge tonight?

    Was surprised to see a decent bar close surge last night in NC. Carlsbad/Oside was pumping for a while. well over 3x prolly hit 4x in the pocket. I wasn't close enough to capitaliz on anything but a quick 2x peak in my hood but that wasn't worth the effort to put my pants on. Clearly it was...
  15. DriverX

    Former Anaheim cab driver, convicted on terrorism charges, deported to Somalia

    http://www.ocregister.com/articles/ice-733992-mohamud-enforcement.html Holy S, the Cab companies have resorted to hiring ISIS sympathizers. Don't let the door hit you on the way out :)
  16. DriverX

    Uber has discontinued partnersSD@uber.c0m support email.

    I received this response after sending them a question to partnersSD@uber.com. So no more email support? does anyone have a new email address? Hi there, We're sorry. You’ve contacted an address that does not accept incoming email. We’re not monitoring questions through this email address and...
  17. DriverX

    Elon Musk Details His View of Life on Mars: Tunneling Droids, Glass Domes

    "It's still preliminary, but Musk believes we could have a fully sustainable civilization on Mars in 40 to 100 years." http://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/elon-musk-details-his-view-life-mars-tunneling-droids-glass-n671806 We don't even have a sustainable civilization on Earth,what makes...
  18. DriverX


    First time in a long time I got no worthless Uber promos. Is this the same for everyone this week?
  19. DriverX

    Not to beat a dead horse...

    NPI But I drove one of the ER EMTs that treated the Lyft driver that got whacked on the 94. He said the guy was long gone by the time they got him to the hospital, probably killed instantly if that's any condolence. He said that the drunk girls were all fine and the car was basically just...
  20. DriverX

    What happened to the traffic overlay?

    Just noticed they removed the traffic indicator from the Driver app. WTF THey must not like us knowing to avoid grid locked areas. sneaky Uber...