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  1. R3drang3r

    Record Wednesday.. $372.14

    It's nice to know you can still have a good day! Congrats, nice job.
  2. R3drang3r

    Killing Yourself to Live (long late night story)

    English cigarette, wtf are you talking about?
  3. R3drang3r

    Surge conversion

    Very nice 👍
  4. R3drang3r


    What part of the valley are you in?
  5. R3drang3r

    The hair monster

    That little bald spot is cunniturnislingus, commonly referred to as too many U-turns under the sheets.
  6. R3drang3r

    Caught a live one......Thoughts on "Cash Rides" after the official Uber Ride?!?!

    Hell, I would have done the two hours for the 80 bucks. That's $40 an hour. I also would have given her my phone number for future employment.
  7. R3drang3r

    If Carrying Was Uber Okay 🔫 🤔

    I wouldn't worry about what Uber has to say. We all know how much they care about us. I believe in being prepared. It's far better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it. Aside from a gun I also keep a flashlight/stun gun within my reach. You get people's attention very...
  8. R3drang3r

    Opportunity nearby, more requests than usual

    I drive in the opposite direction.
  9. R3drang3r

    Am I evil......

    You should have taken back your $5 and snatched the $10. The $10 being your tip she forgot from the previous week.
  10. R3drang3r

    Have you ever had a passenger try to convert you?

    Freegan Vegan 😂
  11. R3drang3r

    Pax wouldn't cancel

    Now that is what you call determination. Did he finally cancel the ride?
  12. R3drang3r

    Man these streets are rough!

    Dings in your windshield, welcome to Phoenix. I had a flatbed truck pass me on the 60. When he pulled in front of me it sounded like I was driving in a hail storm. Later on I counted 28 dings in my windshield. My new windshield is 7 months old now. I have close to a dozen dings already. No...
  13. R3drang3r

    Lowest Accepted Rating of the Week Game!

    I don't pay attention to ratings. I accept them all.
  14. R3drang3r

    Black pax

    True, but this discussion is about the frequency of it happening more often in certain areas. If you drive in those areas you will most definitely increase the odds of it happening to you.
  15. R3drang3r

    Now it's uber pet

    The option for pets has appeared in my driving preferences this am. Naturally I turned it off. I don't think Uber thought this one through all the way. So now a person with a service animal requests a ride using this new feature of uber. Is Uber allowed to charge more money for a service animal...
  16. R3drang3r

    I dumped her Shit on the sidewalk!

    Ubelievable, 9 minutes of just wandering about the store. What are these people thinking? Total lack of respect for your time.
  17. R3drang3r

    Pickup premium possible

    Like Ariel said our threshold in Phoenix is 10 minutes. You won't get paid for the first 10. So slow down and don't be in a rush. If your lucky you'll pick up a couple of $$ for gas.
  18. R3drang3r

    Do you have pets?

    Rolly my Yellow naped Amazon Parrot. Excellent companion, and very entertaining. Very easy to care for. In fact Rolly tries to eat my food all the time. They're a lifelong companion as they live about 75 years.
  19. R3drang3r

    Uber’s newest feature alerts drivers that pets will be joining the ride

    Uber wants me to drive animals around??? Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin.
  20. R3drang3r

    Butt dialed

    Excuse me, can I get an Uber or a breath mint? 😂