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    Uber App logging me off

    As soon as you get notified that you are being signed out, exit the app. You will still get kicked offline but won't be signed out. I tried going back to previous app versions trying to find a version without this "feature" but once I got as far back as 4.209.10003 it wouldn't let me login...
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    Phoenix. New warehouse and seeing 4am blocks.

    I once took a 6AM block. It was mostly locker deliveries from the previous day.
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    Pay reduced for Whole Foods

    Based on the numbers from previous blocks, I don't think Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh (in Philadelphia) ever used variable pay.
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    Pay reduced for Whole Foods

    I noticed today that instaed of $18/hr Whole Foods blocks are now $15/hr. They've also added tip information on the acceptance page.
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    Uber adds 'Comfort' tier for extra legroom and silent drivers

    You won't get it unless you switch to NJ. I would be eligible for comfort in NJ but my car isn't visible at the comfort level in the PAX app.
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    PA rides don't get reimbursement for the Verrazano Bridge, only rides originating in NJ get it. Since there's no written policy there's no way of knowing whether support will adjust the fare. Also in the future always cross the Delaware River at or south of the Betsy Ross Bridge.
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    Does Large blocks every surge?

    I hardly ever see it surging in the PHL area. Large blocks are pretty new here so I guess there are enough drivers who treat anything over $72 as a surge.
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    No blocks available?

    If your area has such an excess of drivers that the blocks are all taken at $18/hr, it doesn't matter if it's done by a bot or a human.
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    Concert and game tonight

    I was in the area during the 8th inning so I decided to wait at Xfinity Live for a NY bound ride. The surge went up to $8 but I never got my long trip.
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    Driving in Maryland

    I can go online east of the Susquehanna River but for some reason I'm not visible in the rider app and have never gotten a ping there. Should I be seeing a MD addendum on the agreements section?
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    Crisis? It should be expected.

    Try turning on the compressor when the engine is not running.
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    Planning To Do Uber Full Time The Next 2 Weeks

    All you need to do is make a u-turn around the guard hut to get in the queue, then you can go to Wawa but you need to get back to the lot before you get to the front of the queue.
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    Making a left out of ewr lot

    The only reason it would make sense to make the turn is if you're leaving the airport. If I need to leave the airport, I make a U-turn by the employee lot.
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    EWR queue over 100, who does that?

    I think its 2 declines in a row or 2 cancels in a row. If you've felling adventurous you can keep it going until you get the 4.99 that's not from terminal C with a 2.5x surge.
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    “Ride sharing - Frequent stops”

    That's one way to deal with the new rates.
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    Amazon, someone is stealing your money.

    Why don't you try doing this as well and report your results back here. There were a number of times that I grabbed a single available midday block and the ones with fewer packages almost always had more driving.
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    Destination filter

    I left EWR and set a DF to Northeast Philadelphia. When I got to Princeton I got a 45+ ping from Belle Mead to Broomall. After the dropoff in Broomall the DF timed out.
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    GrubHub - Delivering off-block

    Don't go online if you also have a block that day. Any earnings count towards your guarantee and any declines count against your acceptance rating. You can only deliver in the region you signed up for.
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    Anyone doing flex/fresh?

    So do I, the possibility that I might get a route to Monmouth County from Langhorne prevents me from accepting a $72 4-hour blocks.
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    Anyone doing flex/fresh?

    Only for Staten Island deliveries from Elizabeth.