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    Uber at Airport

    Uber drivers can pick customers from airport now.
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    Uber insurance

    I am trying to get print out my Uber insurance from my app for the period of 1 july 2o17 to 1july 2018. But i see the app is showing only TNC Insurnce form for this period but when i click on certificate of insurance at the end of this form it shows insurance period from 1july 2016 to 1july...
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    Beware Uber drivers of being ticketed @ 10567$

    In recent months more than 150 drivers have been ticketed @10567$ Because they were not having commercial plates also due to that their vehicles were not registered in City records. Now Uber woke up and is sending mails to all drivers to get commercial plates.Now when you guys go to registry to...
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    Mail regarding commercial registration

    Is there any driver who has been ticketed bylaw recently and has received e mail from Uber regarding commercial registration. Please respond.
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    Uber drivers ticketed

    Check this news in Edmonton Journal. 26nov.2016 The office person says that Uber will be sending notifications to all drivers soon. Cost is around 20-30$
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    commercial registration

    I visited recently to Uber Edmonton office.I was told to convert my car registration to commercial i.e. from class3 to class1. And they say it is required to be done by all Uber drivers so that they may not get ticketed bylaw by cops . Anybody knows about it.Please share.