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  1. nana_m

    Airport pickups

    Which Apps work at the airport and where do people wait for rides?
  2. nana_m

    $1 Charge per ride

    Quick question: Does uber take their commission before or after the 1$charge.
  3. nana_m

    Austin vs San Antonio this Wkend

    It looks like San Antonio is the place to drive this weekend.
  4. nana_m

    Insurance options for Uber/lyft drivers

    Do we have any insurance agents in this forum? Uber is a high risk job and I have been shopping for insurance but the cost is too high. I was thinking of bringing like minded people together to negotiate a good insurance deal. The insurance types I am looking into are - Life Insurance - Health...
  5. nana_m

    ACL Week 1- Lessons Learned

    Here are the lessons I learned driving for Uber/Lyft on the 1st ACL week. Feel free to add comments/tips. - The car in front is always an Uber - Never accept a call more than 3 mins away during the evening peak hrs. - Ignore Uber Texts - Uber drivers are probably the second most dangerous...
  6. nana_m

    Airport status update

    I went to the airport today and I had to wait for 1 and 1/2 hrs for a ping. I also noticed there was alot of uber drivers. I usually don't follow uber sms tips but I thought it'd be more busy today. Anyone else experiencing long delays before pings?
  7. nana_m

    Lyft merges with China's largest ride-sharing company

  8. nana_m

    Slow night?

    I'm I the only one having a slow night today? I've been receiving texts from Uber saying how busy the night is but that's not what I'm experiencing. No surges too. I guess they managed to convince many drivers to work today with their misleading Adverts.
  9. nana_m

    $40/Hr Lyft Gurantee

    Looks very enticing.
  10. nana_m

    Uber lawsuits: Tips and taking a shower

  11. nana_m

    3rd UberPool pickup?

    Starting this week, you may get a third uberPOOL pickup request during a trip. Frankly speaking, I find pooling to be a waste of my time especially because it happens during friday/sat price surge times. It helps the rider and uber at the expense of the driver. Why again would I wan't to do...
  12. nana_m

    Expect a 5x Surge

    With all the traffic tonight, my crystal ball(s) tells me we'll have a great surge. Be smart and wait for it ;-)
  13. nana_m

    $3.45 trips

    I made eight $3 dollar trips tonight and at the end of it, there was a 1.5X surge which game me $4.85. I kinda feel like a minimum wage employee. This shit ain't worth it.
  14. nana_m

    No more Guarantee hours.

    Uber intends to cancel all fare guarantee hours.