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  1. NashHye

    3 Non-Fault Accidents In 2 Months... Will I Be Deactivated?

    Hi so I have a very clean record. Never a speeding ticket or anything. Had one ticket for a broken headlight 2 years ago and an at fault accident 2 years ago... Just had a string of bad luck got hit on my way to the gas station 2 months ago (non fault), on vacation got backed into (non fault)...
  2. NashHye

    Minor Accident. Can I Still Work?

    Hi guys just want an opinion from you. I was on vacation a few hours away from my Market and I was leaving a gas station when this guy backed into me and dented my door. It looks a little worse in person. Last month someone hit me as well on the other side in about the same spot. So now I have...
  3. NashHye

    What Happened To The Milwaukee Forum?

    What happened you guys? The Milwaukee page used to be booming now no one posts here anymore?
  4. NashHye

    Lyft Getting Rid Of Prime Time?

    My cousin (signed up in Chicago market but works in Milwaukee) just got an email from Lyft stating that there is a "better way to earn". Instead of prime time will get a guaranteed amount. Seems to be the same thing Uber was testing in Charlotte. This is absolutely ridiculous. Have a look for...
  5. NashHye

    Hate When Pax Ask Me What I Do For Work...

    Lately passengers have been asking me what I do for work... I understand a lot of people drive for Uber part time but there's a good chunk of people (like me) who rely on Uber to buy the bread and butter. It's just the way they come across is so rude and condescending sometimes. Lady today at...
  6. NashHye

    Mood About Driving Really Changes With Time..

    Does anyone remember your first time hopping in the car and turning on your app for the first time? The feeling you got when you would get when you would get your first pings. You didn't care about the rating just ended up picking 4.5s because why not. When customers asked me if I like doing...
  7. NashHye

    Are Tuesdays Usually This Slow?

    Hi so yesterday was my first day working Lyft in Chicago and wow was it was slow. In 6 hours I had $72 in earnings and only 9 rides. My acceptance rate was 100% lol. Are Tuesdays usually this bad? Many people told me Chicago was a decent market but I guess it seems a lot of people do over...
  8. NashHye

    Uber Eats Increased Pay. Worth It?

    If anyone didn't get the notification Uber Eats pay has increased in Milwaukee. Does anyone know if it's worth it at this point with the boosts? I haven't done Uber Eats since last year when they offered $18/hr guarantee but now with boost and pay increase I was thinking it might be worth to do...
  9. NashHye

    Worth Driving This Weekend?

    Hi so I'm an Uber/Lyft Driver visiting friends this weekend in Madison and was thinking about working for a couple hours is it worth driving in Madison on Saturdays and Sundays? I know with students going back to school Monday I thought it might be busy. Thanks for any info.
  10. NashHye

    Getting More Requests On Lyft Than Uber?

    Hi so I drive for both Uber and Lyft full time in the Milwaukee Market. I've been leaving both apps on and when I get a ride on one I shut off the other. I've noticed that past two weeks I've been getting barely any rides on Uber. Back to back sometimes on Lyft but not Uber. That's not usually...