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    R. I. P speed kills

    Four young lives lost due to over speeding and rash driving in Islamabad. Very sad please drive carefully and advice others as well
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    Uber should compensate drivers for loss of earnings last night due to system failure. I can remember once in central, surge was not working due to some system error and uber compensated drivers. Those jobs we completed on flat rate, Uber algorithm calculated that how much we would have earned...
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    Bank documents

    Uber is asking again for bank documents. Has anyone uploaded them? Shall we upload pic of bank card or statement?
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    Brake disks

    Hello can someone share some experience which brand is better: Brembo Eicher Pagid Mintex Thanks in advance
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    Uber-the lollipop champion

    Uber u turned a blind eye in all those years. U never bothered about bank accounts that whether the bank account belongs to correct driver or not. Recently when two of ur drivers caught working without proper insurance. Its obvious that tfl will give u tough time in renewing your licence. So to...
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    Black cab in top gear

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    Is prius the most hated and disrespected car in London in the current period? Your opinion:
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    Cricket final

    England will win Come on boys u can do it
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    Renewing ph licence

    Hello guy, how long it takes to get the criminal record check certificate after application form submitted and validated? Do we need to wait for the certificate before starting the pH renewing process? Thanks in advance
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    3.0 surge london

    Wow central is surging 3 times. Someone will be rich by tomorrow morning
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    Uber"the champion"

    Dear uber u r a champion of killing competition by undercutting tactics. R u aware that ur competitors are offering 15% commission and u r still on 20-25% which is very bad. Now if u r reading this u need to reduce commission to 8% for old drivers and 10% for new drivers otherwise we will leave...
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    Finally uber has done something better for drivers by providing us destination info. Seems like uber is panicking as now uber is not the only player in town. Thanks to viavan, Bolt and mywhip. Now these 3 needs to follow the same otherwise they will struggle to attract drivers
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    Surge in central

    Is this surge real or just fake in central London?
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    Quickest way to renew licence

    Hello can someone advice what's the quickest way to renew ph licence? Online or by post Thanks in advance
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    Euro 6

    Now tfl only allows euro 6 version both for petrol and diesel cars to be licensed. Can someone advice what CO2 emission car should have to be euro 6. Thanks
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    Replacing damage badge

    Hello guy can someone shed some light of what's a procedure to replace damage badge. If I contact tfl, will they charge to replace? And secondly would they allow u to continue work until replacement received? And finally do they ask u to send back damage or broken badge? Thanks in advance
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    Any good office

    Does anyone knows any good office in Kent area. Orpington, Sidcup, bexley or even Bromley. Looking for D or BR postcode. Thanks in advance
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    Mywhip and hopp

    Does anyone knows about them. Have they started operating yet?
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    Well done uber

    0.5mile job =£4 5.0 miles job =£9 Uber u r wonderful
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    2nd largest tax payer UK

    Owner of gambling company bet365 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-47015517