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  1. AmbiguousAnt

    Do any drivers here rate riders according to tip?

    I've learned after reading threads here and on Reddit that on the mainland drivers rate riders down if they don't tip. Yet it seems that every pax I pick up is rated 5 stars somehow and only one out of 10 rides tip. Often riders tip days after the ride, and many times hours after the ride...
  2. AmbiguousAnt

    2nd Uber Comfort Ride yesterday...

    12 minutes to the pick-up and then a very short ride got me $7. This benefits Uber but not me. I got taken out of a busy area for this pick-up.
  3. AmbiguousAnt

    No protection from cancelled rides rating you down

    I got a one star rating (my first) after I was not able to pick up a pax yesterday because they were not at the location and were waiving to me from a place that was unreachable across Kapiolani Blvd during rush hour. I had to cancel the ride and later I found that I had my first one star...
  4. AmbiguousAnt


    Has anyone figured out what the different promotion icons mean? if you go to promotions, so some have a flag and some have an arrow in the circle to the right. Uber "support" doesn't have a clue.
  5. AmbiguousAnt

    "Today" earnings buffering for hours and then rebooting with trips missing

    Has anyone had their "Today" earnings buffer for a prolonged period of time and when it finally caught up- trips and pay missing?