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  1. TarheelGeorge

    Pax called me after ride ended

    Uber contacts you to confirm it is ok to release your phone number for pax to contact you about a lost item. If there is no item you do not release your number, especially to "business men who dine at Waffle House". It is as simple as that to protect yourself from sleazy customers or otherwise...
  2. TarheelGeorge

    Get a Tip Jar (Picture)

    I have a tip for you, post a screenshot of your tips on the app and This is an amateur suggestion that will backfire on your tips and ratings. Simply subtly display a few $5 bills in your ash tray or console so it is visible but not blatantly obvious and provide good service and watch the tips...
  3. TarheelGeorge

    Permanently Deactivated Today (not good)

    4 years and you do not know you are a 1099 contractor and not an employee with no unemployment compensation available in most, if not all state (please correct me if I am wrong about California or other states. Also, after 4 years you should know many people at casinos drink and call uber...
  4. TarheelGeorge

    This ride has 2 stops...

    Thank you for the warm welcome. Good luck and I wish you the best.
  5. TarheelGeorge

    This ride has 2 stops...

    Thank you for posting a lyft issue on an uber forum website. Pure genius!
  6. TarheelGeorge

    Uber driver guilty of raping female passenger, AND charged her$150 Cleaning Fee

    So you are openly admitting that you are banging these uber customers as you drop them off? good luck
  7. TarheelGeorge

    Suspended: Under the influence

    You received a Select ride on Starmount?
  8. TarheelGeorge


    how much did you charge them for the road head?
  9. TarheelGeorge

    Suggested tip option to the passenger changed?

    I like it, before in my market the uber suggested tips were $1, $3, and $5 so human nature and ease of use means riders will only choose one of these. Now I am getting many tips for way over $5. Glass half full.
  10. TarheelGeorge

    Rude lady- NIGHTMARE

    I copied and pasted this to freetranslation.com and the language came up as Polish