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  1. delaynomore

    Pax said, Her uber driver left himself a $100 tip and a 5 star rating.

    http://www.fox5ny.com/news/uber-driver-left-himself-tip-rating?fbclid=IwAR3BJBhgmqXvaj8AzJ7-n7TggGSbhwe27GGrJ6F71MmEHLMUYcZ04N3ZJAQ How he do that?
  2. delaynomore

    becareful out there. its getting serious.

    cops standing off to the side catching drivers not yielding to pdestrians. this was on 52nd and lex.
  3. delaynomore

    About LGA.

    Whats going on at LGA. P.A. had all the lanes/entrance ramps leading to terminal B parking closed except for 1. Couldn't get to my pax. oh well.
  4. delaynomore

    stay off your phones

  5. delaynomore

    Uber Cracks down on low rating paxs.

  6. delaynomore

    Lyft riders.

  7. delaynomore

    Has anyone accepted a long ride - 45 minute plus pool request?

    Is it more profitable compared to x rides?
  8. delaynomore

    stop sign ticket issued by military police

    anyone ever had this happened?
  9. delaynomore

    bogus toll charges

    Does anyone notice toll charges at the end of your week even though toll roads were never used?
  10. delaynomore

    Newbies first day on the road picking up their pax.

  11. delaynomore

    luckily no one got hurt but who will compensate for his damage and time?

    any takers to ride shotgun?
  12. delaynomore

    anyone of you guilty of this.

  13. delaynomore

    problems logging on tonight.

  14. delaynomore

    just in case

    if you need to switch occupations or need to try something else.
  15. delaynomore


    hope he makes enough to cover expenses.
  16. delaynomore

    6 pax and 6 large luggages

    who do they think we are? Flat out said no, its not happening. no way no how this will all fit.
  17. delaynomore

    how much would the driver get for this?

    no bueno.
  18. delaynomore

    loss of tier status.

    how can that be?
  19. delaynomore

    destination rates

    anyone knows if there is a fare rate list posted somewhere on the web?
  20. delaynomore


    anyone get any especially tonight on the bklyn water front.