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  1. Sprunt2001

    Wireless Car Charger

    Does anyone use a wireless car charger while driving Uber/Lyft? If so, how well does it charge and keep a charge? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Sprunt2001

    Lyft app background check for current driver

    I tried logging into the Lyft app to start driving and I have a message saying my background check is almost complete and I will be notified when I am able to drive. I received no emails about this and drove this morning with no problems. Has anyone seen this before. I sent a message to support...
  3. Sprunt2001

    Locked out of Instant Pay

    Hi guys, Has anyone been locked out of their instant pay before? I had to do a factory reset on my phone and because of this, Uber thinks someone tried to log in on a new device. Uber support told me I'd be locked out for 48 hours even though I explained what happened and none of my log in info...
  4. Sprunt2001

    That's a fancy napkin!!! Best delivery EVER

    https://www.local10.com/news/florida/miami-dade/tourist-gets-disgusting-delivery-after-ordering-from-uber-eats This Uber Eats driver must've had a bad day and decided to pass it along to an Eats customer.
  5. Sprunt2001

    No trip showing up can't cash out

    My last five rides have not shown up in the app, and I can't cash out. I'm getting that same message from Uber we got over the summer when we didn't get paid for 3 or 4 days. Anyone else having this problem? I restarted my phone and I've logged out and logged back in still no way to cash out.
  6. Sprunt2001

    App showing wrong arrival or distance info

    I have been cancelled on quite a bit lately due to the app giving passengers incorrect arrival times and distance away. I've contacted support and get the generic response that they haven't heard of this happening and will pass the info on to the correct department. I've included a screenshot of...
  7. Sprunt2001

    Wrentham to Capetown S. Africa

    I got a ride request from Wrentham tonight and it looks like no one is home. I send the "I have arrived" message and wait a few minutes. I get a response from passenger saying he doesn't see the car. I call him to confirm I have the correct pick up address and he says he's at some hotel I have...
  8. Sprunt2001

    Idiot ANT doesn't play by the rules

    So I work full time and drive UBER every night and weekends. I have a few places I frequently sit and wait. I always check the pax app to see if another driver is already in these spots and if so, I try another place. No point in 2 drivers vying for the same rides in a small market, not to...
  9. Sprunt2001

    No Instant Pay but saying payment posted?

    So obviously can't cash out and now missing ride is back and saying payment was posted. Posted where?
  10. Sprunt2001

    Direct Deposit payday? Wed or Thurs?

    Does anyone know what day bank deposits are showing up with the new pay week being Tuesday to Tuesday? I always had promo or rides not cashed out using Instant Pay show up Wednesday morning. Just curious if it has changed due to work week changing.
  11. Sprunt2001

    $50 rides at Gillette 9/9?

    Hey does anyone know if Uber offered the S50 minimum ride price at Gillette on 9/9? I know they usually send an email to qualifying drivers. I got the $50 guarantee last game, but never got an email for it so just wondering.