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  1. delaynomore

    We will not Forget! God bless those who lost everything 18 years ago!

    that was the day when everyone came together and helped. #respect
  2. delaynomore

    These bikes are dangerous

    oh wow, i got no words but how TF?
  3. delaynomore

    Another one bites the dust...

    Best of Luck on your new venture.
  4. delaynomore

    Ubers roadside assistance...

    what? uber offers free towing service?
  5. delaynomore

    Poop in my car video is finally uploaded

    oh man, i feel your pain. kudos for you to even laugh about it.
  6. delaynomore

    Shared lanes they say....smh

    i don't ever want a biker to get hurt but the driver should've gave honk to let the biker know he is about to get hit but what do i know.
  7. delaynomore

    Are we reminded in the mail for annual drug test?

    you have to take an annual drug test within 90 days of your tlc anniversary.date. guess he wasnt listening in the tlc class.
  8. delaynomore

    tlc ticket question

    how did they noticed that you were wearing ear buds
  9. delaynomore

    Does FHV inspection include DMV inspection?

    your fhv app will send you a reminder close to every 4 months to update your docs or you will not be able to log in and drive.
  10. delaynomore

    Pax said, Her uber driver left himself a $100 tip and a 5 star rating.

    http://www.fox5ny.com/news/uber-driver-left-himself-tip-rating?fbclid=IwAR3BJBhgmqXvaj8AzJ7-n7TggGSbhwe27GGrJ6F71MmEHLMUYcZ04N3ZJAQ How he do that?
  11. delaynomore

    TLC Uber driver falsely accused of having a gun

    this was awhile ago. like last year.
  12. delaynomore

    Why don't riders tip???

    they dont tip because uber said so.
  13. delaynomore

    TLC NYC Uber driver attacked by a dildo

    hoped you threw away your clothes from that night.
  14. delaynomore

    becareful out there. its getting serious.

    cops standing off to the side catching drivers not yielding to pdestrians. this was on 52nd and lex.
  15. delaynomore

    New TLC Plates unfeeze

    they are an exception. they'll learn the hard way.
  16. delaynomore


    Goto youtube and find out. A lot of info there.
  17. delaynomore

    is Lyft BS or is it just me

    no more prime and no more incentives.
  18. delaynomore

    No more IP at airport?

    swing by LGA tonight if youre in the area. you may get lucky.
  19. delaynomore

    JFK instant ping

    there is always an instaping... well for me that is. i kinda feel sorry for the saps that waits in the lot.