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    Hi guys just want to ask if any of you have been paid? I cashed out my earnings for Monday only as I only worked the one day and still haven't recieved payment.
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    Insurance upload

    Hi all I have a quick question regarding my insurance, basically my insurance runs out tomorrow at midnight, I have already renewed my policy which starts at midnight from tomorrow, can I upload my insurance before hand or do I have to wait till my old one expires? I thought there may be some...
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    Nothing changes

    I decided to log on to the app tonight and thought I'd do a few hours after 3 months, it's got even worse since lol 1hr 34 min online £5.28 after commission
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    Travelling time to pickups

    My travelling time for pickups seems to be 12,13,14,15 minutes every time I get a job, can anyone clarify why this may be? Iv accepted a few trips and travelled to pick them up and the trips goes 1 mile down the road so from now on I refuse to accept jobs more than 7 minutes away from me, I'm...
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    Uber threats

    [UBER] Adam we noticed that you may have been confirming availability to take trips when you are unable to complete them. To provide a great service to their riders we expect partners to be able to complete the majority of the bookings allocated to them when online unless there is a good reason...
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    Black Country promotion

    this week some uber drivers have received texts saying they will get minimum £10 fare guarantee and others haven't, we all work in same area, I have messaged them and waiting for a response
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    Uber London drivers

    Last night seen 6 London PH uber drivers in Birmingham, looks like we going to start getting swamped lol
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    Birmingham Waiting 3 hrs 51 mins

    3hours 51 minutes since I came online and haven't done a job yet, what a pisstake
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    Phone call from uber

    Hi all just want to ask you a quick question, about 30 mins ago I received a phone call of the 0121 385 number that we use to ring the customer on and a woman asked me if she's is speaking to me I said yes, she said she's calling from uber and wanted to ask me a few questions, her accent was a...
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    Has work improved after the fare drop

    Hi all, just want to know has work improved since the fare drop in Birmingham? I am currently working at a cash office and having a lot of problems with the way gaffers are treating drivers so in two minds whether to go back to uber or join another office, just wanted your feedback?