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    Smokers... WHY?

    I don’t smoke in my car even though I am a smoker because others don’t like the smell, but I’ll be damned before I’ll let some politicians dictate what I do with my own property.
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    Tennessee Uber driver shoots man

    Now Uber will deactivate the driver for having a firearm, no good deed goes unpunished.
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    Smokers... WHY?

    F State laws, it’s my property and the State can go F itself.
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    Account Deactivate

    If you were truly an American you would disown the bigoted liar.
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    As always, Lyft copies Uber with slightly worse perks.

    I’ve seen drivers deactivated from lyft, how bad of a driver does one need to be to get deactivated from lyft.
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    Account Deactivate

    Your President is a proven coward, liar, thief, and racist, he’s a POS.
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    I could have been filling boxes with dirt. But, No, I was wasting my time driving for Uber.

    I’m not revealing my secrets, just dangling the carrot to tantalize.
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    Stolen Honda CRV San Diego North Park

    Unauthorized borrowing. If it has dealer plates and has no insurance then that dealer is in deep 💩💩💩 if that vehicle gets into an accident.
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    Stolen Honda CRV San Diego North Park

    How was it stolen, if you left the keys in the ignition then it’s only unauthorized borrowing.
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    I could have been filling boxes with dirt. But, No, I was wasting my time driving for Uber.

    There are so many ways to circumvent this.
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    Screenshot of an unbelievable cancellation rate!

    Like I said in another post, Ian is an 👽 that was thrown off the mother ship while passing by.
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    Account Deactivate

    Dotard J. Trump will get you tortured and beheaded.
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    medical emergency

    Just a little coke will be more effective.
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    My feedback on Uber on it’s lost and found policy

    I’ve been searching for my mind that I lost when I started driving for Uber.
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    Just got pooped

    Oh hell no, someone poops in my car I’ll be in jail calling lissetti, ariel, tempting faith and christine to break me out.
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    Yankee Candle founder dies.

    He is now following the guiding light.😇
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    medical emergency

    I want to be your assistant, I have an impressive resume. 😛
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    How many of you smoke?

    But do you have a life. Going to the gym 7 days a week and doing rideshare is a bi-polar disorder🤪 1564934477 Where can I buy Zyn
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    Uber removes Waze app from navigation today.

    Waze has been gone for the past 6 months in the Tampa market.
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    Lyft thread

    F Lyft.