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  1. freddieman

    Great tip from pax

    I once got a tip of $18 on a .06 mile ride. I once got a $100 tip to drive around with music blasting on top of fare of $35 going about 10 miles. I once got a $100 tip for driving away from the rider...the step mother didnt want me to pickup his stepson bcause he was really drunk and wanted...
  2. freddieman

    In your personal opinion who do you think is safer Uber or Lyft ?

    Uber is safer because of insurance deductible is $1k uber $2500 Lyft
  3. freddieman

    Seattle to Canada Ants

    I never ever received a tip from a Canadian. They may be cheaper than American. Not saying much but...
  4. freddieman

    Jabba likes me

    So true!
  5. freddieman

    Pax don't like dash cams.

    If pax ask, i just tell them only lens watching the road is on. If they ask to prove it then i just boot them out
  6. freddieman

    Account deactivation challenge

    I’d just drive with my zipper open.
  7. freddieman

    Anyone get busted giving cash "illegal cab" rides?

    Yes this! Its never cash for rides but a gratuity, donation, gift. Its how u word it. Its always good to shake hands and call each other friends
  8. freddieman

    Uber HQ in Meltdown?

    Probably because now the employees have to actually perform well at work since uber went public.
  9. freddieman

    Road Rage 101

    I think the way u drive gives other drivers road rage. What u described in first paragraph even gave me road rage and wanna flip u off.
  10. freddieman

    Waited 5 minutes, No drivers accept my ping in the busiest part of town

    Spot on! An entitled weasel thinking he is providing employment.
  11. freddieman

    Can you wait 5 minutes?

    Lets see.....she would rate about a 5 maybe? If 7 or above, that car is waiting another 5 min
  12. freddieman

    Almost got into a fight doing UberEats (not with co-workers)

    if everybody took turns using the spot for a minute or two, well........don’t be that guy
  13. freddieman

    Dara: The full 400 employee lay-off email

    His salary would fall under general and admin.
  14. freddieman

    Burn baby burn!

    Is this in seattle?
  15. freddieman

    This is a Cold Roast

    Is this oregon?
  16. freddieman

    Uber is cheerleading a plan to toll surface streets in Seattle

    Do they even think about the shops, bars and restaurants in the city that could affect their businesses in which they collect tax from?
  17. freddieman


    You will once u get a sniff of wondering what that smell is. Or ....is that a bed bug? ....g’od, why am i itchy?
  18. freddieman

    the longest trip ever!

    Unless its a hot chic, no way i would want to ride that long with a stranger
  19. freddieman

    Physically abusive rider.

    As so long as the new destination is not too far from original destination, i just pull up a different nav app and input the pax desired destination and just drive to it. Optional would be to write it in. But i never did and had no problems with chargeback or being scammed for free ride...
  20. freddieman

    Who was at fault? Uber driver or Uber rider?

    Its fake..