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  1. Zaarc

    Maybe I will try this....

    I wonder if it would help my rating.
  2. Zaarc

    Long wait time at a stop

    This is probably not a record, but today i had a ride with two stops that lasted for a total of about an hour. When we got to the first stop he said we were waiting for his friend to get off work. When it became apparent that she wasn't coming right out he gave me 12 in cash. Cool. That bought...
  3. Zaarc

    Vantrue event recording

    I have the pro cam. If something happens in my car and I want to send the currently recording file to the event folder, how do I do that. And can it be done stealthily without activating the screen?
  4. Zaarc

    Scheduled ride snafu

    I accepted a long pickup - 17 minutes. There are no mistakes in this story, not by me or the passenger, so that was not my first one. I arrive at my first ever need-code-gate. Never encountered that in over 1400 rides so far. No humans anywhere, so I text the rider "gate code?" Nothing. I Try...
  5. Zaarc

    You know you've been doing this too long when...

    ...you are stealing barf bags from the airplane on your way home from vacation.
  6. Zaarc

    Can anyone explain this?

    Why is my acceptance rate not 100 with these numbers? I did decline a few rides, but not according to them:
  7. Zaarc

    Car seats,...here's an idea...

    My neighbor is having a yardsale and they have 5 or 6 car seats out there. What if I bought them all...probably like 5 or 10 each...and then keep one in my car for the next time someone needs it. "Oh, you dont have a car seat? You're in luck. I happen to have one you can BUY for 25 dollars."
  8. Zaarc

    I'm so excited!

    They have been teasing me with this announcement for a week or more, and today it finally came to fruition. You cannot imagine how thrilled I am to see this change. Truly life altering!
  9. Zaarc

    the things you find in your car

    Not sure from whom, or why, but a gift, nevertheless.
  10. Zaarc

    Long Pickup cancels are the best!

    Got a ping for a 17 minute pickup at a train station. I took it because it was late and I was headed that way anyway. 5 minutes in I get a text about where exactly she will be standing. 3 minutes later I get a text that says "cancel". Hmmm. i surely wasnt going to send a text that told her that...
  11. Zaarc

    Choose your ride

    I saw one of these today...in Piscataway, NJ. Apparently they are all over. I think it is pretty clever.
  12. Zaarc

    Wear and tear

    My car is ridden hard, but she is never put away wet.
  13. Zaarc

    Yikes, you think we have it bad.

    Check out John Oliver's riff on Amazon. I have driven workers to the local Amazon warehouse many times, including a pool ride where both Riders were going there. When I drop them off I always thank them for their service. One time I picked up a guy from there who was going home because he had...
  14. Zaarc


    Wawa is always a reliable Uber oasis, but now....they are selling elongated hard roll sandwiches for bargain prices. It's a special time of the year.
  15. Zaarc

    Who names their cars?

    Not all of my cars have had names, but the last three have. My previous car was a 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid that I really loved. I named it Cara, after Kara Zor El, which is the name of Supergirl, but I spelled it with a C because it is a car. My current car, a 2019 Honda Insight, I bought...
  16. Zaarc

    No destination

    I got a ping tonight that told me how far the pickup was but did not tell me the duration/distance, which i normally get as pro. When I got to the pickup and started the ride, I saw that there was no destination. I asked the guy where we were going and he gave me an address which I typed in. All...
  17. Zaarc

    Destination change

    I much prefer short trips and usually do not take anything over 30 minutes, wittingly. Sometimes I get surprised by an added pool rider (yeah yeah I know, don't accept pools) But I am currently a proud Diamond Pro Driver and as such I do receive duration and direction info for most rides...
  18. Zaarc

    Academic internship

    I think that any student pursuing a degree in psychology, sociology, education, political science, economics and others, should be required to ant part time for one semester.
  19. Zaarc

    Help! Not getting paid for miles.

    Did an 18 minute ride at midnight last night, and noticed I got paid for the time but not the miles. I called, they saw the problem, put me on hold, and came back saying there was a glitch in the system, they know about it and they are working on fixing it. I asked if it was ok to keep driving...
  20. Zaarc

    Vaping laws in NJ?

    Just went through a long thread on vaping in the Advice section. Some mention local laws and regulations. Does anyone know what NJ says about vaping in cars, or specifically in rideshare cars?