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    Done with doordash til they stop stealing tips

    My "tips" on dd are more than doordash pays and every order here is less than $6 now since they changed the regions to smaller regions. I was already at like 4% acceptance now its gonna be zero til these crooks stop stealing. Lyft=deleted after ppz Postmates=deleted after new pay structure Dd=...
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    So when is this new doordash pay structure?

    Did 15 deliveries this weekend 5 ubereats 10 doordash... all 10 on dd tipped and 0 on ubereats 🤣
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    0 grubhub orders in 7 hours?

    Anyone else have grubhub slow as hell lately?
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    Doordash community council?

    Anyone else get this email to apply for doordash community council? 1561823214
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    Will i get quest if i delete my uberx part of account?

    I've just been doing food instead of pax now, just sick of ending up an hour or more away from home for the awful no surge pay. Anyway I still have uberx on my account but I think u can only get quests if ur eats only. Does anyone know about this and if the pay is different if I were to somehow...
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    Uber app in google play store rating???

    How on earth is the app rated 4.3? I looked through hundreds of reviews and there was a couple 4 and 5 stars and the rest were 1's and 2's That doesn't add up at all
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    Accepting trips accidently

    So when I'm not on a trip and waiting I'm usually on my phone so many times I'm using the keypad and accept an unwanted trip that is either far away or whatever. Is there anyway to get around this besides cancelling? They took away the "accepted by accident" in the cancel options. Also what is...
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    Grubhub question

    Does anyone know where we can see region boundaries that isn't our delivery region? I emailed my specialist but he is taking forever
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    Which company do you hate more uber or lyft?

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    DD schedule questions

    When does DD schedule come out? Also how do I get early access? I emailed DD and obv sent back some garbage that didnt answer either i dont know why i even bothered. Thanks
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    Personal power zones?

    Lyft switched me to personal power zones this week. Then I only saw 1 all night at like 11pm on Saturday night. I've always seen lyft prime time during bar close on Saturday night here in cleveland. Now just some stupid red and orange colors with 0 bonus, while uber was "flat rate" surging for a...
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    No more personal power zone now?

    So I got the email early this week about Lyft stopping prime time and going to personal power zone. Then I saw last night there was ZERO! bonus last night at bar close, while uber was surging. I've NEVER seen no bonus from lyft at bar closing on a Saturday night at bar close in Cle/Lakewood...
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    Did anyone make any money yesterday?

    I waited 45 mins with uber and lyft on finally got a Lyft request for "gogograndparent" turned off apps and stayed in. I saw soooooo many drivers on the maps it was crazy. Did you guys make anything? 1554903731 Oh I also got an uber request 14 mins away with a 4.6 but obv declined
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    When will you stop?

    I attempted to stop driving uber after their new surge scam but I broke my leg and now my only income is rideshare.😢 After I'm healed I wont be driving anymore bc by that time lyft will also have the new "easier to understand" surge/prime time. Just wondering when anyone will stop. Would you...
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    Postmates taxes?

    Does postmates send any info for taxes I looked in email and app and dont see anything
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    Does postmates send any info on earnings?

    I looked in email and in the app and still cant find anything to do my taxes
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    Doordash help plz

    So I delivery with doordash and have used them once to get food and my food account got hacked and someone placed an order that was charged to me and they took care of it and told me change my password and they gave me a $30 credit for the incoinvience and then yesterday it got hacked again and...
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    Fountain drinks arnt meant to be delivered

    How am I supposed to carry 6 fountain drinks and 2 bags of food up 3 floors in an apartment building? When delivery started with pizzas it was always 2 liters or maybe a six pack of pop I cant stand delivering fountain drinks they arnt meant to be. I'll never do another fast food delivery until...
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    Postmates new in cleveland

    So I've been doing doordash and grubhub in between uber/lyft rides and I saw postmates is new in cleveland so I signed up and tried it out. IT ACTUALLY PAYS LESS THAN UBER EATS! their minimum is $3 and some of the restaurants arnt even partnered with postmates so u have to go there and place the...
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    Grubhub region boundaires?

    I am in cleveland and do doordash but hate going downtown bc of traffic and parking etc. But where my grubhub region is mainly downtown and some suburbs and doesnt really overlap the busy parts of my doordash area. So I know I can change my grubhub region and I know their are 3 regions here but...