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  1. K.O.N.Y

    For the love of the almighty why???

    That year X5 cost the same as a new Accord....maybe even less. And like @Suism said its all tax deductible. For a short time b4 I got my TLC license I used a X5 to Uber in NJ super comfortable car to drive in all day
  2. K.O.N.Y

    Would you accept this pax!

    Cant go by ratings with every single pax. After all u have @@@@@@ bags 1 starring pax soley because they didnt get a $5 doggie treat :rolleyes:
  3. K.O.N.Y

    Seriously , anyone owe taxes ?

    IRS sending out dont F with us letters around this time of the year
  4. K.O.N.Y

    Uber soon better start giving WWE lessons to drivers

    Dude with the knife looked like he was aiming for the femoral artery.
  5. K.O.N.Y


    Cops could careless about ass kissers with stickers That just brings more attention to u, especially the ppl with multiple stickers near their license plate
  6. K.O.N.Y

    Woman attacks Uber Driver

    She was after his tip jar :rolleyes:
  7. K.O.N.Y

    Meanwhile in Lancaster PA

    Inept driver and an even more inept robber No BS a few hrs ago me and another driver were just talking about some drivers not knowing how to watch their mouth
  8. K.O.N.Y

    Uber is going to change app!!

    Whats the lowest medallion prices you've seen in the last year for single medallion owners?
  9. K.O.N.Y

    Uber is dead

    Apps only giving fares to drivers they can depend on. If u do mostly Uber then you'll get more Ubs than Lyfts
  10. K.O.N.Y

    Point to point in NJ

    The apps giving TLCs rides from NJ everytime back to NYC would give NYC drivers too much leverage and control (I dont think they want that) So they give many of them to NJ drivers for the same reason they dont give them to us
  11. K.O.N.Y

    Uber doing too much now.

    Instead the market controls its drivers
  12. K.O.N.Y

    Uber driver Purge begin's

    No a Bk driver
  13. K.O.N.Y

    Uber driver Purge begin's

    Meanwhile pax will continue doing 💩 like this unchecked
  14. K.O.N.Y

    MTA employee busted using work E-ZPass for Uber side gig

    News flash ppl a 100k a year job aint 💩 if your in debt or bad with money....which is probably why he needed a second income
  15. K.O.N.Y

    MTA employee busted using work E-ZPass for Uber side gig

    Probably wore his MTA uniform while ubering Do they own any other clothes??
  16. K.O.N.Y

    How Uber Makes Its Drivers Pay

    Its all about the return on whatever the investment was. If you spend 25k on a car doing Uber and run it into the ground in 3 years doing 40 to 50hrs a week I'd say u need to have double what u invested at the end of those 3 years (25,0000 x 2) PLUS whatever u sell your retired App car for. Its...
  17. K.O.N.Y

    What is the slowest neighborhood

    Queens is without a doubt the slowest borough. On week day mornings after 6am its a nightmare if u get stuck there
  18. K.O.N.Y

    Can someone help me with a random question?

    Old saying goes "U can walk wit it, just dont get caught wit it"
  19. K.O.N.Y


    No more than $3000
  20. K.O.N.Y

    Seeking Advice

    In Westchester drivers make $500 on the weekends and go back to their normal job on Monday