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    Pittsburgh Airport Citations?

    I had a little run in with guy who controls the Lyft Uber cars picking up passengers... I'd only picked up at the airport once before and all I did was pull to door 4 and my passenger jumped in. This time there were cars everywhere and when I tried to go to door 4 this guy in a yellow jacket...
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    Streak and bonus cancelled on Ride 5!

    I was on a 5 ride streak bonus and I also had a $4 'next ride' bonus, which I drove halfway across town for (very slow morning). I was waiting for my 5th ride to complete the streak and also get this $4 bonus. Suddenly two message windows appeared at the same time, both saying they were a...
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    Customer Stole My Computer!

    Last night a customer took my back pack when he got out of the car. My computer was in it. I called Uber and the police. All Uber has done is tell the customer to contact me. They cops are not interested either. Any suggestions? There were three passengers, two in the back and one in the front...