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  1. Immoralized

    Anyone get revenge on Pax?

    Taxi driver fault for accepting rider with food. Half the time food goes everywhere as they are highly intoxicated rider and they can't help themselves when they eat food goes everywhere.
  2. Immoralized

    Bolt is Increasing its price

    Higher commission rates = More earnings for the driver :thumbup: Good to see Bolt catching on and following in Uber footsteps.
  3. Immoralized

    Uber Pizza Eater

    UE delivery bikers, drivers been taking food since it came out and they are pretty good at it. Got a lot of loopholes in the system to be exploited. Only way to stop it is do what the postage delivery companies do is scan/sign at each transfer taking accountability for the package. In which...
  4. Immoralized

    Uber - my vehicle failed inspection

    The car heard what you were saying that you wanted to quit rideshare and gave you what you desired most in ur heart. Now you are free to do anything else you desire to do. One door closes another door opens. That why they say... "Becareful of what you wish for because it just might come true."...
  5. Immoralized

    30 hrs = $$$

    The point was that almost everyone post a screenshot or something real. Just like below I posted about 10% of my employment contract under my company. Posting something actual and real gives you more creditability. At some point you have to back up the stories. That just my 2cents but I do...
  6. Immoralized

    Uber driver convicted for sexual assault on Melbourne woman

    Always said it... Don't $h!t where you eat even if they are saying "I can stay on this ride with you if you want." Never know what they are going to say or two the next day. If you want to go out... Go out and have fun meet people in a proper environment where you are working and living is not...
  7. Immoralized

    30 hrs = $$$

    Just a week ago you were like...... Just got to replace Britney with Sammy. Fast forward a week :eeking: :roflmao: I don't know if Sammy is legit or not or even has a husband or not since have yet to see a single screen shot even though she claims to have unlimited access. However Sammy...
  8. Immoralized

    DiDi launches in Brisbane. Uber on the backfoot

    I cancel XL and SUV jobs at times because I don't want to deal with 6 riders at once :redface: I just don't want to do pool at this stage in time.
  9. Immoralized

    30 hrs = $$$

    16 hours for $800? That be about $50 per hour. 38 hours working week full time would be $1900 per week x52 weeks = $98 800 Just under a six figure job. It not bad mate :thumbup: Not exactly sure how you don't pay tax on salary but I'm sure you got it figured out.
  10. Immoralized

    30 hrs = $$$

    For a newbie driver? Not likely. Probably after a thousand trips or two when you built up some knowledge on where to drive and how to drive. 15 x weekday at about $20 per hour = $300 15x weekend at about $25 per hour = $375 Total = $675 Might get a hundred more if you are experienced but that...
  11. Immoralized

    Does everyone in Melbourne get the same quests/promotions?

    4 trips completed between 0600 & 0900 Monday to Friday for $15 and 2nd week running only hit the target once. If someone was to do it be $85 extra per week for those day shift drivers.
  12. Immoralized

    Taxi business might go out of business?

    Pick up a rider the other day said the taxi wouldn't take him because the fare wasn't worth his time and losing his spot in the rank. Don't blame the taxi driver for rejecting trips that are unprofitable especially if he been sitting in the rank for half the day. Got to wait for that big fish.
  13. Immoralized

    84 hour challenge !!?

    Used to do 12 hour days in a truck. Most won't really understand what fatigue even is driving around passenger vehicle. Only advice I got to the OP is do 5 days of 12 hour days see where you are over a month and increase that to seven days. Probably do 16 hours x 6 days with multiple platform...
  14. Immoralized

    DiDi launches in Brisbane. Uber on the backfoot

    Had a pretty bad run 3 riders about 10km and probably 15 minutes got paid just over $13. May have been a buck or two more than standard Uberx but you are picking up 3 riders separate riders. Would rather much prefer just picking up the 1 rider and doing 10km.
  15. Immoralized

    DiDi launches in Brisbane. Uber on the backfoot

    From what I've been reading in Melb threads Didi is worst then Ola. Seemed to be Uber > Ola > Didi > Bolt for majority of drivers. I still have preference Ola > Uber especially with pool rider out now days. Despite them stealing some trips and it stupid invoice requirement for cleaning fees.
  16. Immoralized

    wrongly accused by ""pet" owner of not taking a service dog, now account suspended for investigation

    You be back driving within 48 hours while they do an "Investigation." Probably get a first and final warning to take pets in the future or else be deactivation with no recourse. At this stage I take any kind of furry critter so the riders can't make up some BS story or may in actual fact be a...
  17. Immoralized

    Sad News... Apollo Has Passed Away

    Good to see you around old bumpa :p
  18. Immoralized

    Sad News... Apollo Has Passed Away

    Those holidays are behind me now for the most part :redface: It the Perth local boys :wink: And maybe 1 member from Adelaide that always sends the search party out when I'm gone even a couple of days.
  19. Immoralized

    Vent Mount

    I got a few of these even as they are rock solid. I do use a windscreen mount as well. Good thing about this mount is even if the car rolls over the phone will still be stuck in place. Have it hundreds of bumps overtime and it never moves. Cost a little bit more then the cheap crap but you get...
  20. Immoralized

    Sad News... Apollo Has Passed Away

    That his other hobby doing house renovations and he sells it after his done. The guy has a bit of money and he does well enough with what he does. He was mainly doing rideshare to pay for the running expenses of his BMW and insurance. Which is a significant amount of write off each year that...