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  1. ChristopherHouston89

    Picked up by driver with out of state plates

    How was this allowed? Just moved back to Florida (Totally not wasting my time doing Uber / Lyft) Tried it one day when I got my Florida plates and there was ZERO money to be made. My question is yesterday I was picked up by a Lyft Driver here in Downtown Orlando, except they had Louisiana...
  2. ChristopherHouston89

    Moving to a new city

    Hi Everybody, I am going to be moving temporally back to Orlando for 3 months or so to take care of my parents. While I am there I won't be working so I will be doing Uber/Lyft, Postmates, Instacart, etc on the side to make a few extra bucks. What I am wanting to know in regards to Uber (or...
  3. ChristopherHouston89

    Uber X in Orlando

    Hey ya'll, I'm going to be moving to Orlando (Winter Springs/Seminole County to be exact) in a month to take care of my parents. Till I find a full time job I figure I will be Ubering / Lyft to make some money. I know I have to get my car which is currently registered in Texas over to Florida...
  4. ChristopherHouston89

    Greenlight Hub - Houston

    Has anybody been to this Greenlight Hub at: SprintSpot: 6860 Hwy 6 N, Houston, TX 77084...? I have an appointment scheduled for Monday here, but I just saw that there is a location at : 5714 Star Lane Houston, TX 77057 open tomorrow from 10am - 2pm. Are they usually busy? Can they really help...
  5. ChristopherHouston89

    Uber Instant Pay "On Security Hold"

    Good Evening Everybody! So just ran into a slight problem with Instant Pay. I recently switched from my local bank here in Houston to Bank of America since I wanted to have a national bank and I already have a relationship with BOA with my car loan. Well my problem is yesterday (Sunday 2/25) I...
  6. ChristopherHouston89

    Alright.... who caused this fiasco?

    https://www.click2houston.com/news/same-sex-couple-claims-they-were-kicked-out-uber-along-busy-freeway-after-kissing?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=snd&utm_campaign=kprc2 Happy 2018!
  7. ChristopherHouston89

    Instacart Questions

    Hey ya'll, New Instacart Shopper / Driver here and had some questions from anybody who has done Instacart before. There isn't much training it seems besides what Instacart gives you and I had some questions. I already picked up my Debit card and activated it into the App. My question is, I...
  8. ChristopherHouston89

    Retaliation 1* Rating

    So over the weekend I had a PAX leave a mess in my car. (They had an entire Yeti of Vodka spill in my back seat as they were exiting my car). I reported it to UBER and they processed a cleaning fee which was $160 charged to the PAX. Well today I looked at my rating and I have my first 1* which I...
  9. ChristopherHouston89

    Cleaning Fee

    Had a pax have an incident in my car last night. Luckily I was near a gas station and it all landed on my floor mat which I threw out. Car doesn’t smell and I feel like I dodged a bullet. My question is how long does it take for uber to give you your cleaning fee? Is it a flat amount? I...
  10. ChristopherHouston89

    Hows your days looking?

    Being how we all know that the market is saturated with a million + drivers now, I was wondering how everybody is doing on a daily basis? How many hours are you logging / making per day.
  11. ChristopherHouston89

    Question about tonight Fri 1:30am - 3am

    Hey ya'll. Been an X driver on and off now for about 6 months now and got a question as I've been doing it a bit more. I see tonight at "Friday" 1:30am - 3am there is a BOOST 1.4x GTD. Is it worth it to head out? What time should I get out there to start it.... or should I just wait till...