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  1. Dallas007

    Uber - Lyft IPO filings Comparison

  2. Dallas007

    Took my first trips, now I have a few questions

    . ... agree!... ask one question or make a comment, or offer a suggestion... you’ll know immediately how much ‘conversation’ they are after :)
  3. Dallas007

    Long Ride Late at Night

    Some might have negotiated a dead head return fee ~.maybe half of fare?
  4. Dallas007

    minors, just don't do it

    Ok i know the worst case scenarios that have been discussed in other threads... but have there been incidents where Uber has refused to pay a claim for a ‘minor’ pax? ...and how do they expect us to verify... or do they just state the ‘rule’ without any way for us to check; obviously we could...
  5. Dallas007

    Finally happened -I threw 4 UT students out of the car

    I work mainly in vacation areas south of the Skyway; picked up a group on AMI ; lady had a 4.5 rating; during the ride i say ‘Mary’ I have to ask you a question.... before i can ask... she says: ‘it’s about my rating isn’t it” ... turns out her college student kids use the same account...
  6. Dallas007

    Your lazy child is NOT my problem, but thanks for the free money.

    On the flip side... have there been cases of Uber not covering an insurance claim with an underage rider? I’m sure I must have taken a few over the years... I’ve never ‘carded’ a rider; not sure Uber expects us to? Bigger issue is they are for sure going to leave something in the car :)
  7. Dallas007

    Airport PU/DO fee increased.

    ...as long as you weren’t counting on a tip :)
  8. Dallas007

    Been doing eats so far with my truck. Thinking about getting a "luxury" SUV to be able to 'do it all

    I did get a quote after multiple calls / requests etc: from Professional Insurance Center 2003 West Kennedy Blvd Tampa, Florida 33606 (813) 251-4900 Ext 234 Fax (813) 253-2676 Quote was 2600 if paid out ; 2200 up front for a 300k policy
  9. Dallas007

    Rainy days... s***tty days?

    I’ve had a group direct me to a place on Maple after 2 am; just SE of Kings Rd. ; there are couple of bars ... closed but we pulled up to locked chain link fence ; all the crew was ‘out back’ ; guy jumps out of the car; rattles the fence; then conducts some ‘bidness’ ; comes back with a brown...
  10. Dallas007

    Weekend 9-7,8,9 Tampa

    Yes, originally from Dallas, initially Ubered there. Bradenton area now.
  11. Dallas007

    Been doing eats so far with my truck. Thinking about getting a "luxury" SUV to be able to 'do it all

    Any insight / recommendations on companies / policy limits / structures , etc./?
  12. Dallas007

    Weekend 9-7,8,9 Tampa

    Momma Racoon says Whaaa? I live and Uber in Florida; the post in the Tampa room was Tampa related. ...however Big Tex was erected last week :)
  13. Dallas007

    Confused at Punta Gorda airport

    So...to add to the mystery, I don’t see a Queue counter ...and can select destination, which you normally can not do in an airport queue
  14. Dallas007

    Anyone here!? :)

    ... just seeing if there is life during Red Tide... cough, cough...
  15. Dallas007

    Are Cowboys home games worth working?

    XL from Downtown Dallas before the game; you can get a couple in before it gets crazy out there; then just go enjoy the game somewhere :)
  16. Dallas007

    Dallas Pride Parade today 9/16/18

    Oak Lawn and Cedar Springs...its just a warm up for the Halloween party over there :)
  17. Dallas007

    Most unpredictable job ever

    ... so, in a way, it is very predictable :)
  18. Dallas007

    Fake 60+ is back, did it ever leave.

    I live South of the Skyway Bridge so rates are ~30% higher; an XL Airport run can be 100 with a decent tip. However, I may have the app on in the house literally all day and Maybe get one of those pings... kinda like going fishing :)
  19. Dallas007

    Did you catch a LOVE bug?

    He is STILL there!?
  20. Dallas007

    40hr-80hr work weeks??

    I think what they are ‘saying’ is ... learn from every ride, pick up a few clues on here... and after 500 to 1000 rides you’ll have your formula for 800+ a week