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  1. Immoralized

    New Uber Pro Awards are a Scam

    The whole things a scam and makes it impossible in the real world to actually keep gold, plat, diamond or whatever reward except for the base reward. I'm surprised no one has picked up on 3% cancellation which would mean you have to accept 1 out of every 34 trips to keep those "rewards" in any...
  2. Immoralized

    Increase Ur Star Rating

    On Ola got some computer generated BS text message that said "Ola! Increase your driver star rating to stay on the road with Ola." Pretty sure they tried to call me as well advising me of my "low rating". I thought okay my rating might of gone down to 3.8 star rating or something because Ola...
  3. Immoralized

    Perth Driver Collective Tips With Taxes

    Before proceeding any further this thread is just general tips/advice and is no way indicative of what you can or cannot claim for yourself. That out of the way let have some fun and share some knowledge about taxes this season. Taxes can be daunting and knowing what to claim and what not to...
  4. Immoralized

    New vehicle authorisations are coming in July

    "The next phase of the on-demand transport reform will begin in early July 2019. This phase will include changes to how passenger transport vehicles are licensed. From July, all taxi plates, taxi-car, regular passenger transport and charter vehicle licences will be replaced by Passenger...
  5. Immoralized

    Rideshare Uber/Ola Overview & Tips/Mechanical Insights

    It has been a while since my last contribution on Rideshare with Uber & Ola. So as everyone already knows their is two rideshare company that is out in Perth competing for riders. Uber has been around years earlier than Ola & have done pretty well for itself as it has established itself here...
  6. Immoralized

    AAMI Rideshare Insurance

    I've had bingle with me on my daily driver and it works for me but was still interested what others providers offer and what bingle does not offer is fixed value payout in the event the car is written off. AAMI however does on their full cover comprehensive rideshare that they have unlimited...
  7. Immoralized

    Car re-inspection tip

    I've been wondering quite sometime about the whole re-inspection saga thing if they will cancel the omnibus license or not if you miss the yearly and mandatory inspection cycle or not. I got a letter the other day since my re-inspection should of occurred for one of my hire-reward cars November...
  8. Immoralized

    Uber Driver Income Support

    It a step towards the right direction when violent riders attacks a driver during a ride that needs medical, counseling and a recovery period to get back on the road.
  9. Immoralized

    Mobile Phones

    I'm coming towards the end of life of the samsung s5 phone that I had been using since 2014. Uber with google maps and other apps running on the phone has really hammered the drive on the phone and quite possibly a degraded motherboard as all phone companies worldwide uses the cheapest and...
  10. Immoralized

    Optus Plan Promo $35 for 30gb better than Momentum Rewards Deal?

    Okay I was looking at the momentum and Uber optus offer which is kind of think is a load of BS. That right they want over $40 for 15gb to lock you in for an entire year! https://www.uber.com/en-AU/drive/resources/momentum-gold-rewards/ " Phone Plans Optus Optus is proud to offer eligible...
  11. Immoralized

    Fuel top ups, bonus $$ & surge top ups

    It seem Uber has been watching the fuel prices too from the past month high spikes and have increased the momentum discounts. 10 cents a liter for gold and 14 cents per liter discount for platinum. On other news the bonus $$ for trips and even surge top ups are pretty attractive. It seem...
  12. Immoralized

    Another reason not to take Uberpool

    "A Uber driver was bashed in the head with a brick when an irate passenger went on a rampage because he ordered an Uber Pool by mistake. Driver Joseph Gonzalez picked up the suspect — along with a woman and two kids — in the Bronx at about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, the driver told The Post. But...
  13. Immoralized

    Uber drivers: Many don't get minimum wage

    https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/102154761/uber-drivers-many-dont-get-minimum-wage "It found they earned A$18 (NZ$19.39) on average in Sydney and Canberra but only A$11 an hour in Perth. Australia's minimum wage is A$18.29 an hour." I was just looking at some articles and I came across this...
  14. Immoralized

    The Utter Disgrace of Ola Cleaning Fee Process

    Firstly I would like to highlight Ola cleaning fee and claim process have left me wondering what they are even thinking? I can only say the whole process is like pulling ones teeth out. You have to jump through about half a dozen hoops for a legitimate cleaning fee. I will go on to say it be a...
  15. Immoralized

    Rider's that lie to get a free trip

    A lot of people are finding it harder to justify spending $$ and quite recently have noticed some riders trying to get out of paying trip by reporting something to Uber. In which way they type in all the keywords required for them to get a free trip but in doing so might result in a black mark...
  16. Immoralized

    This weekend Promo 4 Ola

    14 trips between 1600 and 0400 on Ola is almost impossible with the Uber app turned on. It forcing drivers to choose o_O Unless it Friday to Sunday :eek: In which case... Thank you very much Ola for the free hundred. I will spend that money on strippers this weekend :oops: And.... On uber...
  17. Immoralized

    Uber passenger violently assaulted driver

    I know many of us had quite similar instances dealing with feminazi middle age woman on many occasions... A lot of us handle it with grace and make no threatening demeanor or make any threats towards them because if you do... This is the result you will get...
  18. Immoralized

    A Driver Duel!

    I have been challenged to a driver duel by my old mate george manousaridis The duel is a Friday to Sunday event of earnings! Will be posting Friday earnings Saturday morning! Duel Accepted!
  19. Immoralized

    Driver warning while using ATM

    Checking my powerball results and saw that it was no winners and been jackpot again it was feeding through another piece of news through. https://au.news.yahoo.com/dad-viciously-bashed-trio-thugs-atm-got-worse-121553579.html "A father who was bashed and carjacked by a gang of thugs on Tuesday...
  20. Immoralized

    What Americans Drivers get that We do not

    I notice they got a special tier for 1 in 50 drivers in America and Canada when they reach a certain number of 5 stars and badges that we do not in the land of Oz... Just sickening that top drivers their actually get certificate and things while top drivers in Australia get trash. Further...