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  1. forqalso

    Only $100 for PUKING EVERYWHERE?!

    1. Set up a Google Voice account on your phone. This will give you a second number, like an e-sim. Google forwards calls for this number to your phone. 2. Download a free receipt making app, and create a receipt showing what you paid for cleaning. Use your new Google Voice numberas the...
  2. forqalso

    Blinded at night by app

    Yeah, you’ll get lower ratings using the car radio. The pax can’t be disturbed. They are far too important. Get a cheap ear piece.
  3. forqalso

    Blinded at night by app

    1. Buy a phone mount that doesn’t stick to your windshield. 2. Uses Bluetooth earpiece for directions instead of following the screen. 3. Use your phone’s settings to dim its screen.
  4. forqalso

    Dad jokes

    “ “ “ with scratches on his back? Claude
  5. forqalso

    Are you a shepherd or a wolf?

    Isn’t the unmentioned third option best? Maintain your speed so the merging driver can best adjust to the traffic flow.
  6. forqalso

    Cross the road you lazy pax

    Pax are mostly clueless. They’ll post up on left side of a one way street when they need an immediate right turn. On a two way street, they will wait on the side opposite of the direction they’re going. They’ll wait just past the freeway on-ramp. They stand behind signs and light poles. I...
  7. forqalso

    When I decline a Lyft ride request, Lyft app keeps telling me I "let down the community"?

    Don’t worry about it. Every mile you drive without a pax, the community is letting you down.
  8. forqalso

    New damage fee 'Puke Rules' for UBER

    That’s what I was about to say. There’s receipt maker apps available. Get a free google voice number that will ring on your cell phone in case Uber calls to check the receipt.
  9. forqalso

    My favorite quote...

    I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals. Winston Churchill
  10. forqalso

    Thanks for the 1 star, Dale Gribble.

    Report him for offering cash for rides. It’s against TOS, and Uber definitely wants its cut.
  11. forqalso

    I knew the coffee wasn't staying in the cup...

    Only a complete fool would think what the OP said about “sounding like a 13 yr old girl” meant he thought she was a 13 yr old girl. I can flap my lips and sound like a motorcycle but even over the phone, I wouldn’t be mistaken for one.
  12. forqalso

    I knew the coffee wasn't staying in the cup...

    Was she arguing before you said, “No open containers in my car, you have to get rid of the coffee”? People react to the way things are presented to them. Showing concern (even if you really don’t care if she boils her face off) will usually get a better reaction than what you received.
  13. forqalso

    I knew the coffee wasn't staying in the cup...

    A more non-confrontational way of dealing with this is by expressing your concern for her safety. Hot coffee is an open cup in a moving vehicle can result in her injury. No coffee or no ride, but with only her safety in mind.
  14. forqalso

    Road Rage Karma

    How is dumping a drink on a car karma? Remember your karma is the sum of your actions.
  15. forqalso

    Funny incident at my day job

    He’s also a marine biologist and an architect.
  16. forqalso

    Another Tesla autopilot fatality.

    Of course that’s right. And highway speed isn’t safe in neighborhoods. It’s not the cars’ features, it’s the drivers and how they choose to use them. My point is, the focus is on the three deaths, not the lives saved. I imagine this same argument occurred when seatbelts were first introduced.
  17. forqalso

    Another Tesla autopilot fatality.

    Yes, it does. I’m not talking about a particular road. I’m talking about all miles driven, by all cars. Or did you think 40,000 people were killed on the same street last year?
  18. forqalso

    Another Tesla autopilot fatality.

    And Tesla’s have ludicrous mode. 0 to 60 in 2.6 seconds. Still, their autopilot rate is 1/5 the rate of cars with drivers. The fact that the third death is even reported nationally is proof of the rarity. 3 in the entire history of autopilot or 109 a day for standard cars. And, it does “work...
  19. forqalso

    Another Tesla autopilot fatality.

    40,000 people died in car accidents in 2017 or 1.25 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled, in conventional cars. Tesla reports over 1.2 billion autopilot miles, with three deaths or 0.25 per 100 million miles driven.
  20. forqalso

    Look what I found

    Did you ask for the $15 return fee?